I’m in Manila

I arrived Sunday evening and I leave Wednesday morning. It’s a quick trip filled with lots of talking.
The weather here is extremely pleasant, something that isn’t also true of Manila. Mid 60s for the low, mid 80s for the high. Certainly better than the freezing temps back home!
Obviously Manila is a change from Hong Kong. I operate in a considerably smaller portion of the city for one. The hotel room is larger. The breakfast buffet is… less familiar? No, not that. Just different.
An interesting quirk of the local language / culture has everyone continually calling me Sir. That didn’t really happen in Hong Kong where everything was a wee bit surly. Not rude but not polite.
The smog here today is stunningly bad – much worse than what I saw in HK during this trip. Traffic here is pretty terrible too but I’m lucky that I can walk (8 min) to work.
Well I’m done with breakfast now so I’m off to make that walk. I still need to organize my thoughts about Hong Kong that I captured on my last few days. Maybe I can get that out in the next few days. I’m off to Tokyo from Wednesday!


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