Hong Kong – Jan 19

So my first “week” has passed here in Hong Kong.  Let’s see if I can remember how I spent it.

Obviously the first few days were spent in travel – attempted as well as actual.  I was able to spend three days in the office which have been quite productive.  Work is a bit different when I’m here, primarily because of the environment.  First, the office hours traditionally run a little later in Asia so I stay longer.  Second, I don’t have anything to run off to do after work, making the later hours easier to cope with.  Finally, when I do leave work I’m not needing to worry about getting caught in traffic.  Often I’m taking the 40 minute walk back to the hotel, but even when I’m in Tokyo and getting onto a train, it’s not a major concern.  Sure, the trains can be crowded but I think that since it’s human traffic and not vehicular, it’s easier to deal with.  You’ve just got to walk a bit and then someone else handles the transporting.

I did go out a bit this weekend.  Friday night was dinner at a co-worker’s house.  We met his wife after work and rode in her car back to the house.  It was a convertible and he strongly suggested we drive with the top down despite it not being the warmest of evenings.  He was quite right to do so – it was so awesome to be looking up at all the tall buildings.  Dinner was a fantastic Indian meal with some nice wine.  Over dinner conversations we discovered that we’d all stopped on the same episode of Downton Abbey (yes, I watch it… my sister tricked me into it and now I can’t stop…) so we decided that dessert would be accompanied by the next episode.  Rather an amusing way to end the night.  My taxi ride home was also a bit funny, as I had a very chatty driver.  We talked a lot about the weather, specifically the lack of the wind lately.  It was an interesting way to get home, especially since I’m quite used to just taking a bit of a nap in the backseat of a taxi…

Saturday had me pretty lazy until the evening.  I met a couple other co-workers – fellow ex-pats – in the Mid Levels part of Hong Kong.  The Mid Levels are known for a rather unusual landmark – the world’s long (outdoor) escalator.  No kidding.  It’s a series of escalators covering 2600 feet, lifting you up 443 feet.  It’s quite a novel way to travel and so much better than needing to walk the entire way up!  The neighborhood is also quite fun, with lots of restaurants and bars lining the escalator area.  We had some wine at one place, ate Thai on the rooftop patio of a restaurant, then shifted to a really cool bar in the basement of a building.  It was a very nice, laid back evening that did not leave any of us feeling bad the next day.  The slice of pizza on the way home may have been helpful.

Sunday, today, has been quite lazy for me.  I had a bit of a walk this morning, but it was kind of chilly.  Since then I’ve just kept indoors and watched a lot of television.  I ‘discovered’ Portlandia while I was on the plane, so I’ve now finished the first season of that along with the 3 episodes from… some season that I watched on the plane.  I’ve started into Bob’s Burgers latest season.  I’ve gotten through the first 2 episodes of Downton from this season.  Yeah – lots of television watching, lots of laziness.

I suppose that’s about it.  Maybe I’ll upload a few photos to share with everyone…


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