I’m ready to write

At least I think I am!

I’ve been in my mind lately about writing – postcards, blog posts, etc. – and given my upcoming travel, I think I have a good opportunity to write blog posts.  Combine this with my promise to send Olivia photos and descriptions of my days and it shouldn’t be something too tough for me to get done regularly.

So today is my last day in the country.  I chose to spend Friday night and half of today (Saturday) in Chattanooga so I could be with Olivia before I left.  It’s been a tough week and a half after getting to spend a lot of dedicated time with her around Christmas.  I was able to make it down and pick her up from school, something that was a complete surprise to her.  We didn’t do anything particularly special – we spent time with my parents and my sister.  We had a few meals together, had some time to play.

While with my sister, I was informed that I had the honor of apparently being the only person other than mom and dad that their newest, Cora, would be calm around.  Along with being a baby whisperer with Cora, I remembered that when I’d met Charlee (Jason & April’s little one), she too was happy to be around me.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but I guess I’m a pretty approachable guy lately!

This weekend I also was happy to discover that the 7th Star Wars movie will be coming out on Olivia’s 8th birthday – the exact day – next year!  What an awesome gift this will end up being for her.  Given that she’ll be 8 years old, it should be somewhat reasonable to expect that she could survive going to a midnight showing!! I’m so excited for her, and it’s something that’s almost 2 years away!  At the same time… I’m a bit concerned about the interesting crowd she’d be in the middle of… but hey, we’ll figure it out.

Olivia and I also talked a little bit about some of the ‘goals’ we’d like to set for the year.  I’m not much for resolutions – they seem disingenuous somehow – but I thought putting a few goals on ‘paper’ wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  So for Olivia they are:

  • Looking at the stars
  • Going swimming / swimming lessons
  • Spend time in parks / playgrounds
  • Take an airplane ride (no destination specified)
  • Take horse riding lessons

That’s what we got through, at least.  There is still an element of wrapping her head around an entire year.  She was mostly focused on summer activities because we’d just spent time talking about summer camps for when she spend two weeks here this July.

For me, I’m a bit more boring…

  • Fix the house – the wall on the back of the house has to be removed / rebuilt
  • Get new furniture (IKEA desk/storage) for Olivia’s room before she comes up in July
  • Go hiking / camping / backpacking, including Olivia where possible
  • Get my motorcycle running again and ride it as often as possible
  • Cook lots of ramen, improving the recipe to a point of sharing with more people

So that’s the post for this weekend.  I think my next post will be a timeline of my trip to Hong Kong.  Someone recently reminded me that my lifestyle is pretty unique, flying so often and whatnot, so I guess I’ll share it!  For example – did you know I’m going to spend 2.5 weeks on the other side of the work with only a carry-on bag?  That’s before I get to my apartment!

More to come…


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