That was January…

So the end of January was pretty… challenging.

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So the storms in Nashville decided that my car would do well with a new body style.  In and of itself, that isn’t terrible.  I won’t need the car for a few more months, so it provides plenty of time for insurance to do it’s thing.

If I had had insurance.

Turns out there was a little mistake after my August trip and my coverage was suspended instead of being reduced.  Oh yeah – and they are also pretty sure it’s totaled.  So at the moment we’re trying to see if the insurance company will be compassionate enough to notice that the pattern for all of my trips has been to raise / lower the coverage, combined with my 15 years of multi-line patronage.  Of course no matter the outcome, if it’s totaled it adds to my coming home fun.

So the news of my poor car came in the middle of my influenza recovery.  You see, my body decided to fall victim to the flu about 2 days after Ben came to visit me.  You know – the 6 day Beer & Ramen adventure with the friend that was travelling halfway around the world?  Yeah… wasn’t so adventurous after Saturday.  And as it turns out when I thought I was over it on Tuesday, I visited the doctor on Wednesday only to find out I was still sick!  My body just defended itself well enough to mask most of the symptoms.  Neato!

So that means I got to spend almost an entire week sitting alone in my apartment!

I will admit that despite the illness, Ben’s trip over was a delightful change.  We had fantastic ramen on the first night – including a Broccoli, Cheese, Tonkatsu ramen that was awesome.  I also got up enough energy to go to the Yokohama Beer Bash where Ben was able to make a number of contacts, something I’m super excited about.  On Tuesday night we went to another great ramen joint.  And throughout the whole thing I got to know that I good friend was around… as I slowly died of the flu.  Seriously though, the evening he left sucked really bad because my loneliness was extra heavy.

With all of this time locked in my apartment I’ve been relatively productive.  I finally drew a line in the sand for my return date – on or around April 18.  So know I know I have less than 11 weeks before I’m back in the US.  It seems equally very far and very close.  It was probably a little bit of a bad idea for me to have a target date in mind, as now I’ll be obsessing over it for a week or so until it finally runs out of energy in my head.

Armed with a target date and a tremendous amount of nervous energy, I have also taken to getting my apartment a bit more organized for leaving.  (Yes – I’m preparing my apartment for an event that is more than 2 months away.  I told you I would obsess.)  Of course cleaning my apartment comes with lots of emotions… for example, because I’ll have a pre-inspection within the next week or so, I needed to take down Olivia’s artwork.  These are all the pieces of art that she crafted in the months before she left Japan and taped on the walls, doors, beds, etc.  Walking around the apartment now is pretty dreary… I never realized how much they offered.

So it’s been an interesting end of the month.  Alternatively being super calm and completely freaking out over my car.  Being super lazy in my apartment or running around like a mad-man cleaning it.  Being excited to go home and being super upset about leaving.  Wish me luck I guess…


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