June 17

Lots of things to write about I suppose… Let’s see what I can get out of my head.

First, honesty – I’m pretty lonely. It’s fun living in Tokyo, and I’ll certainly miss this place, but it’s not as much without my friends and family around. I’ve been lucky enough to have a semi regular conversation with a number of people including, of course, Olivia. Work has kept me quite busy, too… For what that’s worth. I’m also exploring other venues for entertainment, to mentioned later. But all told, I would mind having a bit of face-to-face companionship again.

Next, I’m beyond sore. I got to play ball hockey on Friday night, something I’ve never done before. I’m really not a fan of running, but all told it wasn’t too bad. We played in an indoor arena, but soon they’ll move outside for the summer. I got to play defense, luckily, and I think I performed reasonably well… I think. Given that I’m far from home, I had no gear. I borrowed a stick from the organizer and just jumped into the fray. Ball hockey isn’t something with an awful lot of gear requirements, but a few pieces would have been nice. Even with those items, though, I’d still be in pain. For one, I took two hits from the ball – one on the thigh, the other off my butt. Those are nice welts. I have a few other bumps and scrapes from getting caught in sticks, etc. mostly as reminders of the lack of padding that I had grown so accustomed to on the ice. Lastly, every muscle in my legs is rebelling and attempting to shrink to half size. I woke up this morning due only to the fact my legs were cramping so badly. I ate plenty of protein today and drank as much water as I could. Part of the problem, however, was my behavior on Saturday…

On Saturday I hardly moved from the bed or couch. I was awakened by a work problem, but stayed in bed afterwards to read 1984, which I had started last week. Eventually I needed to eat, so at noon I finally got out of bed and went to the soup shop. I brought the food home and sat down to eat and read on the couch. I didn’t leave the couch hardly at all until i finished the book around 7. At that point I needed dinner and I needed to get my computer bag from the office. I walked out, feeling a little stiff, but ok… Until I decided to make a short dash across the road, at which point my legs seized up. Long story short, I made it to the office, stretched a bit, then returned home and ate / stretched. All that said, I clearly did not drink enough water or take care of myself properly. I also didn’t go to bed until 2a…

The week was a blur. We lost our CIO unexpectedly on Monday, leaving only me and a director as the management team in IT. That has created a lot of pressure and a lot of work to get done. We’ve spent hours pouring over options for the org, through schedules and deliverables left behind. I worked at least 12 hours a day most of the week, exhausting myself by Friday. I did have a chance at some fun on Monday with a coworker’s going away party, but perhaps staying out until 1a for that was a bit of a push on the rest of the week. Oh well. This coming week isn’t likely to be much easier, either… Maybe it’s better I’m here alone because then I won’t feel guilty about the super long hours.

As may be evident, I have not done well with working out or cooking. I’m missing meals from time to time, getting me stern admonishments from several people close to me. I dove head long into caffeine just to survive last week. For those of you that know me, I don’t really drink too much caffeine because it tends to hurt me a bit… Mostly because I leverage its amazing ability to suppress my appetite and skip meals, leaving acidic liquids in my stomach unfettered by solids. Not so smart…

Of course when I’m not getting completely blown away by my workload, it does give me plenty of time to reflect. I can’t say I’ve come up with much, but the opportunity is there. I’ve been leveraging Evernote (thanks amy) to write out my thoughts when things come up – having it always available is pretty handy.

My parents will be here in a couple of weeks, so that’s a nice thing to look forward to. My friend Christine won’t be making the trip over, due primarily to cost constraints, but I think I’ll have a visitor in October if things go well. Susan and I are still talking out the details of her and Olivia. At the moment it seems they’ll stay in the states, and as such I’ll be going for a visit in August. Not exactly the original plan, but we’ll sort it out as it goes along. I’m lucky to be in a position that allows me the chance to travel back, so I’m not going to complain. Plus with them staying back it let’s Miss Olivia get settled into things like classes and schools, something super important at her stage in life.

Speaking Olivia, she’s been swimming with her mom, aunt and cousin pretty regularly. They’ve got a Y membership. She’s also been going to the movie theater weekly for kids movie mornings. She seems to be quite happy with movies! I can tell she’s having a blast being around family and her cousins, and it seems her cousins are pretty into her as well. It’s funny to think about, but she’s the oldest and they both seem to think she’s pretty cool. Plus she’s been great with both of them, playing appropriate to their age / size. I’m happy she’s got them and the kids at the church to play with. It was certainly a challenge to get her a peer group here.

Susan has been doing well, too. She’s getting time to herself, also something that was a challenge in Tokyo. She’s been getting in workouts, movies and time with family. They’ve tried to make plans to visit Nashville, but various forces have conspired against them and it hasn’t happened just yet. Soon though, we’re sure.

Well… I guess I’ll read a bit, then sleep. It’s a long week coming up… Thanks for reading and being along for the ride. Its nice to know you’re there. 🙂


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