Tuesday May 15

So I’ve been in Tokyo for two full days now. I’ve made a nice breakfast both days… and both days I missed sharing it with Olivia. The routine was generally that she’d eat second breakfast with me, having eaten first breakfast with Susan. Amusingly due to jet lag I’m getting up when Olivia normally woke.

Today as I woke I promised myself that I would start working out in the mornings by continuing to wake this early. Moments later I asked why I wasn’t starting today, so I did. I returned to the Peak Condition workout routine, moving through curls, lunges, sit ups, and of course the jump rope! It was a nice start to the day although it sort of made me want to return to bed. I haven’t done anything that physically “demanding” in a while… which is unfortunate to admit.

I’ve installed Evernote Food on my iPhone and I’m leveraging it to help prove that I’m actually eating.  Yes “prove” is the right word.  It’s a pretty large concern for those closest to me, and myself, that I will generally abandon eating.  I’ve done it before.  It’s not any sort of an issue with weight or something like that, it’s more a matter of convenience and sometimes it’s wrapped up with other (mental) issues I’ve got that I’ll touch on later.  Basically it boils down to the fact that before Susan left town she told the sandwich shop up the hill that she may end up ordering food for me from the US in case I end up not eating.  Yeah.  Oops.  So I’ve been playing around with Evernote Food, sending emails occasionally, sometimes posting it to Twitter or Facebook.  I don’t exactly want to spam people with my meals though, so I’m not sure how / if I want to leverage it that way.

Speaking of social networking sites… there is an amazing clear pattern in my behavior.  The more disconnected I am the more I use social networking.  I hadn’t touched FB for more than 5 minutes a month for the last 3 – 6 months.  I landed in Tokyo alone and suddenly I’m reading my entire newsfeed thingy every hour or so.  Twitter was all but completely abandoned and today I found myself following new people, reading and replying!  I mean I suppose it makes sense, but it’s amusing all the same.

In other news… I ordered some meat (chicken breasts and sausages) that should arrive at my apartment on Thursday.  Why did I order it you ask?  Mostly because it’s an English website with clear descriptions.  Secondly it should be pretty good quality.  Oh – and it’s damn near impossible to find chicken breasts here it seems.  Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places, but Susan never found them either.  I also ordered a rice cooker today with the help of a friend.  There are way too many choices involved in that and I’m afraid she isn’t going to be “released” from helping me even after it arrives.  She was telling me about all the settings… I got lost when we got to the fact that I need to know if my rice is pre-washed.  Pre-washed?  Huh?  But maybe I’ll be able to sort out how to make this lovely stuff called rice that they’ve got in abundance here, then replicate it at home by visiting the Asian grocery.

Regarding my last post I got several comments, privately and publicly, that were really nice.  I didn’t think I had written much of anything special, but it seems to have touched on something.  The idea is that I’ll continue to explore this unique situation via the blog, giving anyone that feels like reading a chance to see how I’m fairing. 🙂  Of course I’ll try to come up with some more fun stories about living in Japan since that’s a lot more exciting than listening to me dig through my emotions!

Slightly related, Skype has been a wonderful tool this time around.  Well Skype plus Olivia’s maturing.  Since we got her a netbook around Christmas time (yes, Olivia, at 4, has a computer all her own), she’s become very comfortable with using Skype.  She routinely called people from Tokyo and now that we’re separated she’s doing an excellent job of keeping me company before I turn in for the night.  Tonight, for example, we spent 40 minutes hanging out – she tricked me by wearing a Mrs. Claus hat over her face to start the conversation.  Then, once it was revealed to be her, we talked a bit about the previous day.  Soon she asked if we could move to the den in our apartment, so I obliged.  Once there she wanted to sit and watch TV with me so we watched a Tom & Jerry cartoon… it would be something that was completely normal to do if she were here with me… I was overjoyed.  After our cartoon we played two games of Candyland – her idea.  That was really pretty cool.  She was a great sport, getting just as excited about playing over Skype as she would have been sitting here.  I’m so proud of my little girl… and I miss her so terribly!

I’m headed to bed.  It’s 10:15 and I’ve had to prop myself up with caffeine the past two afternoons.  I need to make sure I lock in on a good schedule so I can recover as well as get settled into a routine of working out and eating a good breakfast.


2 responses to “Tuesday May 15

  • Robbie

    “she tricked me by wearing a Mrs. Claus hat over her face to start the conversation.” That, is too cute! Thanks for all the online help brother, I appreciate it.

  • Garrett Bartley

    Don’t let the blogging turn into a burden or feel like it’s a new responsibility. Sure, we all love to see the updates, but don’t burn yourself out on it. Besides, it’s your blog; you can do what you want! Until you’re back home and staying up late chatting about nothing on my back deck, write about whatever you want to talk about (adventures, emotions, babble, etc).

    Also, have you seen the Flipboard app? It’s a really neat way to aggregate stuff like RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, etc, but it presents it almost like a magazine. It’s pretty slick, but it does take longer to peruse through than just a straight feed. It’s worth checking out either way.

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