Random – World Order / Genki Sudo

Ok, yeah, it’s been a month or two since we posted and this is going to seem like a really odd post given that length of time passing… but I have to share this because I think it’s way too cool not to.

First, I saw this group / guy in a music video at the airport leaving for India a couple of months ago.  I sent Susan a text to figure out what it was.

That was this video.  She also found this one from Tokyo.  Add this one with that is a funny dating scene.

Then tonight I found out they had a new video.

Between my first discovery in September and tonight, however, I decided to learn a bit more about this guy Genki Sudo.


Seems he honed his dancing skills in the MMA.  Here are a few of his fight entrances – just as beautiful and with a serious degree of flair.

So, okay… the guy was in the MMA.  Was he good?  Uh… yeah.  Not just good, 16 and 4 good.  Also, stunningly graceful.  He even does his dances move IN THE RING to taunt guys.  Check it out.  (Susan was impressed, but not excited about the fighting…)

Anyway… the guy has retired from fighting and is doing the band thing… plus he is a writer, practicing Buddhist, baseball player/team manager, and is pursuing a master’s degree.  Wiki link.  Pretty impressive… just thought I’d share.


One response to “Random – World Order / Genki Sudo

  • Sandy

    I really like these guys. Of the first two, I think the one in New York is crisper but like the kids trying to copy them in the one in Tokyo. The third one is really cute. I love that they can add other people and still keep everything going. In Mexico they seem to get more complicated without mising a beat. Can’t wait to see the next one : )

    (I’m not crazy about the fighting itself either but still like watching this guy’s moves.)

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