Today was a holiday and our 5th anniversary. We went to Asakusa to see the shrine Susan hasn’t had the chance to visit yet. The train ride there wasn’t much to speak of, but the return was pretty crowded. I thought it would be the worst I’d see for a while.

I was wrong.

I decided to visit the old friend that had taken receipt of my new xbox. That required about an hour’s ride across four trains. The longest was about 25 minutes and it was a sardine can. Some people had nothing to hold on to so they just ended up bouncing in the pile of people surrounding them. Fun. I, on the other hand, just filtered deeper into the car where at least I could hold on to a luggage rail.

The trip this morning was nice. It was fun to see Susan use some of her new Japanese words, no matter how basic, they help and show her commitment. Given that this is our anniversary and we aren’t doing anything overly significant, I’d like to publicly point out how great a wife she’s been the past five years.

First, she’s put up with me. That alone deserves a trophy.

Next, she’s given me an awesome daughter. She’s a great mother that has struggled with the choice between the career woman she had always been and the stay at home mom she (most of the time) wants to be. Olive is a shining example of the time her mother commits to her.

Third, she’s undertaken quite the change with moving with me, not once but twice… and that second one wasn’t even domestic or to an English speaking country! This woman desperately loves her family but is strong, flexible, and loving enough to find a balance between the two.

It’s been a wonderful, challenging, growing and loving five years. It hasn’t been easy or perfect but where is the fun in that?

So, as I ride a slightly less packed train a few thousand miles away from where I met my wife all those years ago, I declare to quite the audience: I LOVE YOU SUSAN. \(^o^)/


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