So apparently I’m not eating enough. Recently a photo of me surfaced on Facebook of me being hit by a pie. The public reaction was positive and humorous, but it seems the private reaction was different. A few people spoke to either Susan or I mentioning I was looking thin – thinner than usual at least. I shared this with a close friend who agreed and suggested I track my food for a bit. Being a geek with a new fancy phone, I dove in. Quickly I realized that I was likely eating 250 kcal for breakfast, 450 ish for lunch and maybe around 800 for dinner. Yeah… 1500 some calories for a guy with a base metabolism rate likely in the 2000 range! Oops?

So the message is that Susan is trying shove food in front of me constantly now. I’m doing a bit better and it has improved my mental state which been a bit lacking recently. Funny how that works – fuel your body / brain and you feel better.

Here’s the thing, I have a couple things that make eating a bit harder. No, I’m not going discuss gross biological things. See, I’m indecisive at times. Twice I’ve stood in the massive “food garden” of Mitsukoshi and freaked out on the inside because of too many choices. Next, when I’m not in a strong mental state I get especially strange about personal interactions like the simple act of ordering food. Suddenly I’m paralyzed and unable to eat because I don’t want to interact with people. Next, because of that high metabolism (yes, it’s a blessing to many people, I know) I get hungry quickly after eating. Plus, eating here is a bit different as we’ve discussed before.

So moving away from my pitiful food discussion…

I’m leaving off India tomorrow morning for a week’s visit. It’s not great timing because it seems that the second weekend I’m gone (I return Sunday evening) there are some big festival events next to our apartment. There are a few things Olivia might get to participate in, too.

Once I’m back in town there will a couple of holidays – Monday and Friday. Our 5 year anniversary is on that Friday so maybe we’ll do a picnic or something. After that it’s just a week to our family vacation which starts with our friend (and sort of daughter!) arriving in Tokyo. That includes trips to Disney Sea, northern Japan and Mt Fuji. Lots of riding around on bullet trains, a first for all of us! 🙂 Needless to say, we’re really looking forward to this time.

A few weeks after the vacation time, we’ll visiting home for thanksgiving. I have 2 weeks, the girls 4.


2 responses to “Food

  • Uncle Munkee

    Do they have any local amateur hockey leagues around? It’s more energy burned, but I also seem to remember that you ate more and filled out a little better.

    • Ian

      No ice hockey that I’ve found. There is field hockey. It’s really a matter of time for the sports. As for eating, even if I were burning lots more, I would still struggle a bit with finding the calories I need. I’m just being a bit lazy I suppose…

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