This. is. Japan.

I’ve been here 4 days or so and it’s still as surreal as the first day.  It is really and truly nothing like home.  And yet, it’s not uncomfortable.  Not knowing the language is a barrier, but it hasn’t stopped me from getting out.  Olive getting sick has taken care of that.  She is getting better slowly and steadily.  I am adapting even more slowly, but still steadily.

Here are some thoughts:

1)  I stick out.  Not as much as my daughter, but I get looks.  Not impolite at all.  Mostly curious and generally friendly.  Olivia is a smile magnet.  People love her.  LOVE her.  Little old ladies, teens, businessmen, families, kids, etc.  She is fawned over on a regular basis.  Something to note, the population here is largely skewed towards adults and the elderly.  Not many children at all and that is a nationwide issue.

2)  The view from our apartment is amazing.  Skyscrapers as far as you can see.  I cannot stress enough how big the city is.  To put it in perspective – we arrived at Narita airport and took a train in to Tokyo.  The train isn’t a bullet train, but it goes fast.  45-50+ MPH.  We were about an hour away from the heart of Tokyo.  We were in the city within 5 minutes of the trainride.  The rest of the ride was a concrete jungle.

3)  It’s safe here.  People are out walking at all hours of the day and night.  Families, women, and kids can be seen regularly out on their own in the streets and sidewalks.  No one thinks twice about it.  Except me.  I won’t be letting Olive out of my sight.  Not because I think anyone will do anything to her, but because I’m sure she would get lost in about two seconds.  No thanks.

4)  Sushi here is better than anywhere else.  It just is.  Yum!


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