On their way…

Susan and Olivia were at the airport last I spoke to them… and she posted a beautiful picture of Olivia at the gate.  I talked briefly with Olive and she was pretty darn excited.  She told me that she’d be on a little plane, then a big plane, and then with me.  Seems she’s been missing daddy pretty badly over the past week or so…

I’ve had a tough few days of work, trying to wrap up the big project.  I feel as if I say that all the time, but things keep coming along.  I’ve worked some very long days recently – longer than I care to share – but I think that’s about to finish up for the moment.  I’m also fighting some illness – I’ve got a sore throat with a wet cough.  I am better today than I was yesterday.  Yesterday I was worried that just as Susan & Olivia would be landing that I’d be settling into a horrible cold.  Right now I’m not quite as concerned.

It will be strange having other people in the apartment.  I don’t mind admitting that I’m worried about making sure they are comfortable here – eating is the top on my list.  They do, however, already have offers for activities on the weekend of their arrival, if they are so prepared for them.

It’s hot here… maybe not so much of the temperature as it is the humidity.  Yesterday Japan had a reading of 94% relative humidity whereas Nashville was (generally) around 65%.  The temperatures were similar, but the moisture was a killer.  Oh, and speaking of temperatures… the guidelines for office power conservation came out.  We’re matching the Environment Ministry’s suggestion on the thermostat – 28C.  Google it… it’s awesome.

It’s late (almost 1a), so I’m going to bed.  Tomorrow a bit of work, then off to collect my family.

When is it that you’re coming here?


2 responses to “On their way…

  • jdfryman

    Glad your family will be there soon. That’s the hardest part. Hope you’re doing well… We should do scotch soon.

  • Genimar

    Everything will be great. Olivia looked so beautiful in the pic Susan posted. You will all be a lot happier going through this adventure together and it’ll be a great experience. Not many people get to do this. I hope weather gets better and that jet lag is not too bad on the girls. Hugs to you all. Keep the posts coming! 🙂

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