Things I forgot…

When I posted last night it was pretty late and I wanted to get to bed at a reasonable hour. (I didn’t)  I remembered a few things I left out…

Friday afternoon had me in my first mostly real business meeting.  We had representatives from the datacenter come for a meeting, so I got to do the majority of the meeting routine.  This involved us, first, inexplicably, sitting across the conference table from one another.  And then the visitors got up, walked around the table and met with each of us.  We swapped business cards in the traditional manner.  Let’s discuss that, because it’s detailed and important.

First, your business cards have two languages on them – Japanese on one side, English on the other.  It’s important that you present the card to the person with their native language face up.  Next, you present the card turned to face them, holding it with two hands.  You offer a simple introduction (“Hi, I’m Ian, nice to meet you.”) and pass your cards between you.  Next – very important – do not put the card away.  Instead, collect all the cards and put them in the table in front of you.  One trick with this is to put the cards in the order of the people sitting across the table so you can put names to faces.  Finally, don’t write on their cards… at least not in their presence.  This is a pretty sizable no-no to do with them around.

So, we had a meeting and it went pretty well.  Nothing to report there.

The next thing that I forgot to put in the post was that I’m planning to do some cooking for the new friends here after a few weeks of getting comfortable.  I’ve found a place in Japan that makes andouille sausage, so I’ll get a bit of that and make something like red beans & rice or dirty rice.  I think that is a pretty unique thing to bring to Tokyo and I know how to do that pretty well.  We’ll have to buy a big stock pot… which brings me to a new thing from tonight: our pans don’t work.

Yes, that’s right, in Tokyo our nice pans don’t work.

Well, to be specific, they don’t work with this stove top.  It’s an induction stove top so it requires specific metals to heat them.  If it doesn’t find that metal, it doesn’t work.  Awesome, right?  We shipped over our three favorite pans only to discover that they are almost completely useless. 😦  There is a small “normal” burner on the back, but we pretty much have to go get some iron or stainless pots/pans to cook here.  Susan is going to check with people in the Tokyo’s mothers group to see if anyone on their way out has some to sell.  We’re also going to look into bikes…


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