Miserable day, miserable dinner…

First, sorry.  It’s been a bit busy.  I’ve got a half written post from Sunday, but I haven’t had time to finish it.  I considered posted it half-baked, but decided against.  I know there are plenty of people that read, so I apologize…

Next, today was pretty tough.  I had to be up for a US-based work meeting at 7am.  That lasted 45 minutes, then did a bit of testing with some folks in the US, and finally got ready for work.  Before I left the house, though, I got into a few emails that put me in a pretty bad mood.  So bad, in fact, that I called poor Christine and vented with lots of loud, foul words.  She did have a fair warning.  She got the vent instead of Susan because it was work related.  Susan heard about it later, but with a calmer tone.

I headed to the office a little later than normal, trying to make sure I leveled off a bit before arriving.  Things went reasonably well for a few hours, but those earlier issues popped up along with a few personal ones and sent me into a bit of a spiral.  Luckily I was meeting free and tucked into a room for a bit.  I talked with some people in the states and got a little more toward whole again.  I headed out, had lunch from the konbini and got back to work.  The afternoon progressed pretty well – I got a few things off my list (there are still a ton of them… including making a list).  By the time I left the office I was better than when I had arrived.

I got home, worked out (I have for 3 straight days!) and did a bit more work.  Finally I decided I’d cook dinner, so that first required a trip to the grocery.  I was feeling confident (yesterday I went into a restaurant with no English menu and little English spoken) so I decided I’d make fish.  I wanted some protein other than eggs and chicken doesn’t show up much.  I found some nice little (what I thought to be) tuna slices, grabbed some rices, and some breakfast stuff.  Paid, walked home, into the kitchen with some music playing.  (Minus the Bear, Highly Refined Pirates)

I started the rice after taking a guess at my metric measuring cup.  I figured I’d ignore the numbers and just go for ratios in the end.  Plopped it onto the stove.  I pulled out the “tuna” and put it into my fancy oven / grill / microwave.  I figured I’d just watch for it to cook, so I set it to 15 minutes.

Oops… the rice is boiling over.  Oh… what’s that smell from the rice?  Great… it’s sticking and burning.  Well… if I don’t scrape then it won’t be a problem.  Put it back on, lower.

I chopped some garlic and onion, figuring I’d enhance the overall protein with the last of the eggs from last week.  Sizzle, sizzle, smells great.  In go the eggs.

How’s the tuna?  Hmmm… looks… odd.  I’ll move it up a rack to see if it’ll cook better.

Dance, sing, wait.

Ah – tuna is done.  Pull it out… tuna doesn’t look like that.  It just… oh f**k… it just opened… that’s… that’s a wrapper… likely a natural wrapper.

I tasted whatever the heck it was.  It wasn’t terrible.  It was likely roe.  I was not eating it.  I couldn’t get my stomach / mind into it.  The natural wrapper, the salty taste… no way.  Into the trash.

That’s okay I’ve got my rice and my eggs.

Let’s try that rice.  Hmm… first bite is… okay.  It’s not the Jasmine taste that it’s supposed to be, but it’s okay.  Second bi – SPIT.  Nope.  Rice is out.  Into the trash.

That’s okay, I’ve my eggs.  Let’s… oh no… they got pretty brown.  It’s okay though.  I did that last time and they were fine.  Plus, I’ve got hot sauce.  This is going to be fine.

I ate three-quarters of the 3-egg “omelette” before the burned taste was too much, even with the hot sauce.

I’m not starving to death, but I’m certainly not full.  I had a piece of toast with marmalade, and I’m about to have some tea.  I’ll eat a banana shortly and all will be right.

Now I get to stay up for a US-based meeting at 10:30p.

Yeah – 7a for the US, work all of Japan hours, 10:30p for the US.  Gotta love it.

We’ll see how my writing does… I’ll try to keep up.  Susan arrives in less than two weeks – June 24th.

Miss you.  When are you coming for a visit?


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