Something other than spaghetti or omelettes!

Yep – I branched out and cooked something new.

Green beans – grown in Chiba – boiled with a touch of butter – from Hokkaido.

Ham slices – from a pig (!) – grilled in the stove / microwave / grill.

Lotus root (!), stir fried in olive oil with a bit of onion and black pepper.

Result?  I’m full and happy!


So that was dinner.  I picked up the ingredients at a new-to-me grocery store, Nissin, that John showed me to today.  It was a reasonable walk from the office, not too tough.  The better part, though, is that it’s extremely close to a train station.  A train station that is one stop from the station this is right next to my apartment building.  Seems like they’ve got a new customer!

They’ve got a full floor of wine, beer and liquor on the top.  The second floor is a vast selection of international foods – it was nice to see labels I could read – including lots of meats and cheeses!  The ground floor had a lot of cleaning products, which I think will become quite important soon… things like laundry detergent that I recognize and can read!

The trip back on the train with groceries wasn’t too tough.  It would have been nice if I wasn’t carrying my work pack, but overall it was not bad… especially since it was just one stop on the train.  I was especially happy about my confidence with the train.  I reached the platform just as a train was arriving.  I didn’t know which direction I needed to go, but I read one of the maps really, really fast and jumped onto the train right before it left.  That move saved me… at least 4 minutes. 🙂

I’ve been sitting on the couch for the last half hour or so, eating fresh cherries for dessert and occasionally looking out the window.  It’s a beautiful sight… this place it growing on me.  My view is mostly consumed by the residential tower, but it’s bathed in the artificial lights emanating from the office tower.  Then, between the residential and commercial towers, I get a view of some high-rise buildings in the distance, with their red lights glowing.

I still can’t believe I’m here sometimes…


2 responses to “Something other than spaghetti or omelettes!

  • andra

    lotus root? hmmm, what is that like? potato like? looks like tomato sort of…

    • Ian

      It’s very potato like. It’s a bit watery, and it “soaked up” the taste of the onion very well. I learned (later) that I was supposed to have peeled it, but it didn’t seem to cause too much trouble that I didn’t.

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