A day of rest

I spent almost the entire day in my apartment.  It was raining continually today, but the temperature was pleasant so I had the doors and / or windows open most of the time.  I went to bed pretty late yesterday (this morning!) so I slept in a bit.  I spent time on the phone and I caught up on some American television shows… the final few episodes of several series.  I did wake up feeling pretty good considering the activities of the night before… I learned that ramen is the trick to an improved wake-up post adult beverage consumption.

Dinner was a 4-egg omelette with tomatoes, onions and bacon.  I’m trying to make sure I clear the eggs out before I move upstairs just so I don’t have to deal with them.  Plus I’m still not sure what the overlap between my short-term and long-term apartments is… if there is one.  There is a small chance I’ll be ‘homeless’ for a day, but I not really getting in a bunch about that… I can roll over to the hotel that is a part of this complex.

It was a really nice time, being quiet and resting.  I noticed a shift from my lifestyle at home – I would have been beating myself up over not getting anything done.  Here there isn’t much for me to ‘get done’ so it’s not a big deal.  I could have worked, but I know better than to do that after such a crazy long week.  I could have gone out on the town, but it wasn’t a day for walking unless you really needed to, what with the rain.  At least from my perspective it was.

I’ve actually started to use Facebook more… which is disconcerting.  I spent a fair amount of time today adding all the people that I’ve met recently.  I figure that way I’ll have a better chance of staying in touch with the scene… and I want to make sure we’ve got people that we can hang out with around here.  Of course it’ll be interesting given that a vast majority of people I’ve met to date don’t have children… but maybe Susan and I can tag-team nights out.  I think she’ll find the group to be fun even if I’m not around – plenty of people seem excited to meet her!

I’m really ready to get into my long-term apartment.  I feel like a bit of a broken record, always talking about the next place, but I would like to be able to unpack for real.  I pulled stuff out in both places, but the suitcase was still present, still holding items.  In a few days I’ll be able to empty the suitcase and put things into locations where they’ll ‘live’ for a while… how delightful.

I got a bit lonely as the sun set.  It was that all too familiar a feeling where I knew everyone in the states that I could call up had gone to bed.  Things on the internet slow down.  It just gets quiet in general.  Still, I’ve made the most of it and enjoyed music, stupid dancing, and dinner.

Tomorrow is a work day – hopefully a little calmer – and in a few days I’ll move for the last time for a while.  Soon my wife and child will be boarding a plane for Tokyo, then we’ll be together again.  I can’t wait to show them what I’ve found!

Off to bed I suppose…

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