Very unlikely to be coherent.

I went out tonight.  I went to Joe’s birthday party.  I met Joe and his girlfriend last week – they were really nice, and apparently they liked me enough to invite me out.  We went to a Cuban place.  Joe is from Cuba.  We ate and drank.  I met people from all over the world.  There were people from Cuba, Scotland, Australia, Argentina, Italy, Korea, and of course Japan.  It was a blast – I was in shock most of the night.  This just doesn’t happen to me.  At least not before moving to Japan it doesn’t.  It also made me excited about Susan & Olivia coming over – finding so many cultures all at once is so amazing.

We did the Cuban place, then another place with loud music, and then another place with loud music from a DJ.  Then I left with Juan and his girlfriend for ramen – the perfect late night, drinking food.  We ate, I slurped (!!!), and we talked.  I think I might actually have dinner with them tomorrow.  I learned a secret about umbrellas from them… but it’s a secret, so I can’t share.

It’s very late – 2:40a – so I guess I should go to bed.  Good night all.  Miss you… but I’m having fun, all the same.  Can’t you come for a visit so I can show you?


4 responses to “Very unlikely to be coherent.

  • andra

    umbrellla secret? can i have a hint…

  • Matt

    I hate umbrellas in crowded streets. The pokey things are right at eye level if you are taller than everyone else.

    The secret? I know it isn’t the Mary Poppins thing. I have tried it and it didn’t work too well.

    • Ian

      I don’t know… when I visited Yokohama on Monday night, the typhoon winds probably could have given me a good chance at Mary Poppins style flight. Then again, I guess it would really end up popping the umbrella in inverse, huh…?

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