Still here… just slammed

Hey guys – work has been extra difficult lately.  I started work on Wednesday morning at 7a with a phone call to the US.  I finished work on Thursday morning at 5a.  I was awake 23 hours and worked at least 20 of those hours.  New personal record!  From then it’s been rough – not as long of days, but not going well.  Lots of great support from the US staff though – that’s nice.

I got my Flip camera from Amazon delivered on Thursday evening.  It was really, really fast shipping – I’m quite impressed.  For my very first video, I did a tour of my short-term apartment.  I’ve taken about 5 more that show my morning commute that I’ll upload later tonight – you’ll have to forgive their shakiness, but perhaps it’ll give you a better idea of my daily life at this moment.

I also got confirmation that my lease starts on 1 June.  We’re sorting out my exact moving date, but it’s 31 May or 1 June.  Susan has gotten in touch with the moving company so I’ll have boxes of stuff arriving before too terribly long.  Then, some time between moving in and the stuff arriving, I expect Susan and Olivia will be arriving.  We haven’t set a date just yet, but it’s coming in June.

In other news we have confirmation (tickets purchased) of our first overseas visitor – my aunt Rebecca!  She’ll be in country for almost 3 weeks with her trip bracketed by stays with us in Tokyo.  We’re still talking with Christine about her trip over, just making sure we’ll be here for certain for when we’ve talked about her visiting.  She’s totally committed to coming over, we’ve just got to make sure it’s all locked in on our side of things.  There are several other people that have mentioned to us that they may be coming over, but it’s all still tentative at the moment.  Exciting!

More to come later – especially lots of video.


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