I should be sleeping…

… but I’m not.

I had a bit of frustration come up earlier tonight and I’m just coming down off that.  To top things off, I have a 7a meeting that I’ll have to be up and be on time for.  The frustration seems to be mostly for naught, which was even better.  I won’t get into it.

Prior to that, however, I cooked my first meal in my apartment!  Nothing special, just spaghetti.  I thought I should probably start small for a few reasons.  First, I haven’t cooked in at least a month – the final week or two of being in the states we ate somewhere other than house every night.  Second, I haven’t figured out the closet / best stocked grocery store yet.  Third, I have ideas of where they are, but it was raining and I didn’t want to deal with that.

I dropped into the grocery store on the ground floor of the building, grabbed the necessary ingredients and headed back up.  (By the way, necessary ingredients included a bottle of Shiraz.)  I discovered that the kitchen knife that was provided was so dull that it likely couldn’t cut a paper bag.  I’m not exaggerating – it would probably only make the bag rip from the pressure applied.  A sharpened pencil could do just as well.  Cutting through the pancetta was quite the exercise in frustration.

Since it’s late, I’ll spare the minute details.  Needless to say, I made dinner and ate dinner in my new apartment.  It was lovely.

Oh yeah – and looking out my living room window at the Tokyo Tower is pretty darn cool.  It was fully lit until 10p.  Last night they turned on some blue lighting in the evening.  I won’t see it after I move out of this apartment, which is too bad since the new one is a much higher floor.  (Hmmm…  the lights are coming back on…??)  I mentioned in one of my recent posts that the Sky Tree was being built to replace the Tokyo Tower as a broadcast antenna because the Tower was being dwarfed.  It’s really clear that it’s dwarfed.  I see it from the road in front of the office as well as from here, and it just doesn’t compare to all the buildings around it… which is interesting because it’s the second tallest structures in Japan!

Meh… enough of that… I need to sleep.


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