Sumimasen, sumimasen, sumimasen!

Tough day.

Honestly, I think I’m generally in a bit of a fragile state because I think a very vast part of my ‘tough day’ was because of a single incident this morning.  I was walking confidently down the sidewalk, approaching the street that I’ve now crossed several dozen times.  It’s a one way street, with traffic coming from the left as I go to the station.  I came come to the intersection, looked carefully all the way down the street to my left and continued out into the street… only to step one step out because a guy on a bicycle came from my right to screeching halt just in front of me.  I apologized with the only word in my tiny vocabulary – sumimasen – and he continued on, somewhat disgusted.

I told myself, at first, that it wasn’t any big deal – who the hell was he coming from the wrong direction so fast?  I didn’t pay it any attention during my train ride to the office… it was over with and I’ll be a little more careful next time.  We arrived at the station and I headed up the steps onto the sidewalk.  Just around the corner, I found that every bit of my energy had left me.  I could have dropped to my butt right there on the sidewalk and cried.  I didn’t want to be here.  I didn’t want to walk to work anymore, I didn’t want to deal with this.

I didn’t drop and cry of course.  I just slowed my pace slightly, talked to my closet confidants in my head and headed to the office.  I was careful at all the various cross streets and got into the office without further incident.  I booted up my laptop, dashed off a quick pair of texts and headed into my first meeting of the day.

The day passed – I dealt with continued project stress, trying to balance activities here in Japan as well as in Korea.  I worked with people in the US, India, Korea, and the Philippines today… it still amazes me the opportunity afforded to me right now.  If I can live through all this madness, I will come out stronger and well seasoned.

Our apartment situation hasn’t yet been settled.  We’ve selected apartment “A”, but we’re still going through the approval process within the company.  The building management wanted a decision on Friday close of business, but they talked them into Monday COB.  It wasn’t until about 6p that I found out that we’d gotten them to extend to Tuesday COB.  That means we’ve still got a shot at getting this place, which I really, really hope we get.  The administrative assistant, who is amazing and has been out the last two weeks, mentioned that I might even be able to move in as early as this weekend if it clears.  That’s certainly a spirit boost.

Dinner was Italian.  I went out looking for a Turkish place I’d seen at some point, but I didn’t find it.  I found a couple of other places that looked interesting but they were the only two in the area that didn’t have their menus on the sidewalk, so I didn’t really want to explore quite that much.  The Italian place seemed like a reasonable option, so I went in.  They had a special “for one customer”, so I took it.  It gave me a glass of wine, a salad, two half portions of pasta, dessert and tea for around $15.  I ate it really quickly – I was very hungry – and went back to the hotel.

I’m staying up to make a few meetings with people in the US – accommodating their time zone…


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