A little shaky-shaky!

Hey – I’ll go over last night some other time, but right now I thought I’d share my first two earthquakes of this trip:

The first one came just as I was waking up at 6:49am.  I was still lying in the bed and thought to myself – who is push my bed?  It felt like someone was pushing against the bed and it only lasted for a couple of seconds.  I had to think hard about what it was before I realized it was an earthquake.  Nothing in the room shook or rattled – just a bit of a ‘wave’ feeling and it was over.

The Japan Meteorological Agency tracks all of the quakes, so I’ve looked it up.  It was a 4.8 magnitude and from the USGS information (which is waaaayyyyy slower to update) it was 70 miles away from Tokyo.  Here’s the link for JMA:


The second one was after a was a bit more awake, and shortly after I got off of Skype with Susan.  It was bigger and shook a little longer, actually making things like the TV shake just a touch.  It was listed as a 5.7 magnitude and was some distance off to the NE.


As I was doing my ‘research’ for this post, I had to click the ‘previous’ button on the JMA map a number of times between my first and second quakes, reminding me that these are happening all the time and not being felt or causing any issues.

Also, at no point did I get particularly concerned – I felt one when I was here last November while I was in the office.  It shook a bit, we all kept working and then it ended.  I understand that with the big one in March everyone recognized it as being a bit more serious so they headed down the stairs to the ground floor to ride it out.

My day has started with a bit of excitement as most of my readers day is starting to wind toward dinner – perhaps you’ll have a nice conversation about earthquakes over your meal!  I think I’ll go get some breakfast… 🙂


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