Second, the day…

I’m up really late tonight, listening in on a meeting in the states – it’s 11:15pm now.

After the apartment viewing, I headed to work and dove straight into 2 hours worth of meetings.  It made for a funny start to the day and I needed a couple of hours after that to get leveled out.  Eventually, though, I got into the normal routine and made some great progress.  I got deeper into the one of the critical projects that I’m here to help with, as well as getting a good view into one of the standing meetings for the group.

I left work around 7 without a good plan about what I’d do for dinner.  It was still raining out, so I wasn’t really excited about searching around for a place to eat.  Second, I didn’t really want to go raid the ATM again, but I needed to recharge my PassMo and that would mean I wasn’t carrying much cash for dinner.  Basically I decided I’d eat someplace in the hotel so I could use the room charge – there are 3 or 4 places in here, so one of them would have something for me to eat.

Oh – sorry, I’m going to back up in the day a bit because I just remembered.  The train ride this morning was a wild experience: full train time.

Despite the fact that I left the hotel at about the same time as I have been every other day this week, when the train pulled up to the station, every car was FULL of people.  A few got off and I stepped in, taking a spot right next to the door.  I was standing face to face with a very attractive woman… and I don’t think she was particularly excited about that.  Oh well, it’s a full train and I’m getting off at the next stop today.

I got off that train thinking, “thank goodness” and headed over to a different train line to get to where I’d be meeting the relocation guy.  The next train line, however, is a line with considerably shorter trains… hence another full train.  More full actually.  Again, I slid into the car, stopping just inside the door.  After the first stop I got a little deeper into the car, but I also got a whole lot closer to everyone in the car.  Lucky for me though, I could reach the bar and hold on.  The people down the center of the car were required to simply balance for themselves.  At one point, the car lurched (like they do) and the whole column of people swayed like jello.  I was certainly happy to get out of that train once my station showed up…

Anyway, after work I got on my evening train and got a seat… nothing special.  I headed to the hotel, put Bernard (my umbrella!) into the night rack and headed upstairs.

It looks like the housekeeping staff likes me or is beginning to recognize that I’ll be here a bit or something and they had set the room up slightly differently.  They had recognized that I was only using two pillows of the 5 they offer.  They had laid out my toiletries on a towel in the bathroom very neatly.  They turned on the bedside lamp just a touch, casting a nice light around the room.  It was so sweet that it makes me want to hang around and thank them, or at least figure out how to leave a thank you note!

I thought I’d have dinner from the restaurant, but when I saw the prices, I turned away.  Instead, I ended up in the bar where I had grilled cod, kyoto style.  It wasn’t particularly special, but it was good.  I also had a Suntory Highball, my first mixed drink in Japan for this time around.  I was seated almost directly across from their selection Japanese whiskeys, so I had a hard time not diving into those… instead I just took a photo as a keepsake…. I knew I couldn’t drink much because I’d be up really late to make this meeting.

I’m sorry if tonight’s post isn’t as good as usual because I’ve been writing it while balancing listening in on the meeting, breaking my thoughts up a bit.  It’s also 12:15a which is 1 or 2 hours past my bedtime…


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