Have I given in…?

This is a rambling post… normally these are reserved for private emails, but today you get it!

I had an interesting thought this morning – I’ve been here 6 days today.  By Wednesday I was already wearing headphones when commuting and generally drowning out everything around me.  I suppose technically this isn’t my 3rd work day in Tokyo, but instead it is my 12th.  Still… after 12 days of commuting I’m no longer interested in the sights and sounds?  I suppose, though, it’s not that I’m no longer interested, but instead I’m not finding anything particularly new… or not expecting anything new.  Every morning I head out of my hotel room around 8 or 830 and I walk down the same block.  I navigate the sidewalks of people and bikes that are randomly weaving – pick a line and stick to it people – and then I go into the same subway station.  There I follow the same path to the same train.

Now, sometimes I get a little variety in the train, like the sardine car yesterday morning or the pee-smelling old guy last night.  At the same time, the train is not one that is alive with an ever changing set of sounds – it’s the wheels on the rails, the announcements of the stations and conversations in Japanese that make no sense.  What will I hear here if I didn’t have my music in?  Sometimes its fun to hear the voices of the school kids giggling and flirting – that’s a bit fun I guess, so I’ll hear that occasionally… but you can see that as well.

Hmmm… not sure.  Let’s see how the weekend goes.  If I explore the city without my ears, then I know I’ve lost already.  Maybe writing this will keep me connected. 🙂


2 responses to “Have I given in…?

  • Andra

    Interesting. I think you should listen more without your ears. When else will you have this opportunity? You will figure it out…

  • Matt

    I can certainly relate to that. The most fascinating memories of my time in the UK was traveling the Tube. The sights and sounds found there were somehow different than those on the streets. After a couple of days I figured that, unlike when walking, the only thing I was responsible for while sitting on a train was to watch, listen, and smell the things around me.

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