So many little things…

… combine to make the environment.  So many little things that I wish I could share, in person.

When I left my room, both this morning and yesterday morning, the lobby music had been replaced with the sounds of birds chirping.  It’s a just a quiet, pleasant sound.  I found it in the subway stations as well.  I don’t know if it’s a seasonal thing – I don’t remember hearing it last year, but I like it.  I bet it gets old for the people working… it likely isn’t a very long track.

The room keys / elevator is interesting.  I think I mentioned that a few posts back – it’s a proximity card.  Of course, it apparently gets confused or overwhelmed by my PassMo (subway prox card) and it requires me to pull it out of my wallet.  I don’t know why it’s so darned interesting, but these are the things I want you to see.

At breakfast, like everywhere else I interact with native speakers, the chef making me an omelette chattered away in Japanese while I just stood there looking stupid.  I just waited for the visual cues, made my selections, and waited for him to cook it.  He thanked me in English, I thanked him in Japanese.  Just like when I entered the restaurant – they told me good morning in English, I told them good morning in Japanese.  I really should learn some more… but I just haven’t heard much of anything that I’ve learned to date… but that isn’t very much, either.

Ginza is a bit of a posh spot, and I’m just a block or so off the main shopping space.  The restaurant windows look out into one of the side streets.  I could see young men in their formal clothes heading to work.  They primarily wear black pants / coats with white shirts.  Most of these guys aren’t wearing ties – not sure if they’ll put them on later or if they have gigs where they aren’t required.  They commonly carry an attaché style case of brown or black.  One must assume they aren’t carrying laptops!

The shop vendors are stirring as well – it isn’t early per se, but before most of their business I suppose.  It’s quiet on this side street, light vehicular traffic, just bicycles and walkers mostly.

I’ll be leaving my hotel room shortly to head for the subway station.  I’m set to meet John at 9:30a and get started on this professional adventure.  I don’t know what to expect from the trains – it seems like I might be going into a rush-hour type situation, so I’m steeling myself for standing room only.  Too bad I have to carry extra stuff in my backpack today to set up my desk in the office.  Then again, what weekday morning would be good to carry extra stuff on the train?

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for the compliments I’ve received on my writing.  It’s fun, and I hope that you’re getting a bit of the experience, too.

2 responses to “So many little things…

  • Garrett

    Bring home a proximity card for me! It’s pretty interesting that it works within the elevator when it’s in your wallet. Usually that requires some sort of built-in battery or a very powerful receiver.

    • Ian

      The hotel wants the card back when I leave – they mentioned that when I got it. I might accidentally walk home with it.

      Did I make a typo? The hotel key does NOT work in my wallet in the elevator. The PassMo (subway) card DOES work inside my wallet… and everyone else’s wallet, too. It’s the standard action to tap your billfold on the reader.

      I’ll come home with the PassMo, but you can’t have it unless I’ve happened to clear the balance – plus you’d owe me the 500Y deposit. 😛

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