Waking up.

Bright & early today.

I got up around 5am.  I don’t know when the breakfast buffet starts, but I’m sure it isn’t this early.  However, I was ready to get out of bed, and I think that feel reasonably adjusted to the time zone… I’m up a little early for around here, but at least I wasn’t up all night.  Last trip, I was awake until 1 or 2 in the morning on the first couple of nights.  Maybe because I arrived on a Monday night and the people in the US that I work with were up, so I was interacting with them.

Showers are always interesting in hotel rooms, especially hotel rooms in another country.  As horrible a stereotype it may be, I tend to think of Bill Murray in the shower of Lost in Translation – he’s a giant guy with a shower head spraying his chest.  I haven’t experienced that in the whole two hotel rooms I’ve been in here, but I did experience a feeling that the ceiling was too close.  I was also thoroughly confused last time by the giant drain in the floor next to the tub.  I noticed the water gurgling through a similar drain this morning, and all the dots connected!  Traditional Japanese bathing!

You see, we got a half dozen books from the library for Olivia to get a better understanding of the idea that we’re going to be in Japan and things are different.  They talk about futons, tatami mats, taking your shoes off, etc.  Further, they discuss the idea that in Japan, you wash outside the tub and then relax, cleanly, inside the tub.  One book put it really well – “in a Western bath, the bubbles are in the tub, in a Japanese bath, the bubbles are outside the tub.”  Connect that with the fact that the shower heads have both been on hoses that could stretch, and now I get the drain.  I think I also get the ceiling height – while they’ve accommodated for a Western-style shower by placing a shower mount at head-height, they haven’t considered your vertical space needs.  Neat, huh?

So, I’m up early, showered and ready to go.  I’ll make some phone calls (seems to be a pattern) and then head out for breakfast.  After I’m fueled up, I’ll make the trip over to where I had good luck with ATMs last year and hope that it works out.  If not… if not, I’m really not so sure.  I suppose I’ll call my co-worker John and beg him to A) get me back to my hotel and B) lend me cash until we get this matter resolved.

Last day before work hits – better make the most of it!

OH – I have to buy an SD card reader today, otherwise I won’t be able to post any photos.  Oops.


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