Knowing your impact…

So it’s been a pretty heavy day to add to a pretty heavy week.  Last Tuesday it became ‘public’ knowledge that we’d be heading for Japan at the end of this week.  It had an unusual spread, or perhaps lack thereof, across the office.  I’m certain that there are plenty of people that still have no idea and will be a bit surprised when they do finally find out.  As part of that week’s activities, I discussed our trip, decision and plans on multiple occasions with lots of people.  I also drew up lists of things to get done and went through tons of paperwork to make the whole thing official.  I’m still digging through paperwork…

Some of the best stuff from the week, though, has been the personal, quiet discussions it has spawned.  Tonight I was privy to the inner workings of a group of people that I’ve spent a ton of time with over the past two years.  From that group I got validation of the personal work that I’ve undertaken in those two years.  I heard amazing words of how I’ve inspired or impacted their lives.  Things like I’ve always known that you’re genuinely interested or that I’ve become a brother to someone… things that you don’t often get to hear from even those closest to you.  It left me reeling and often at a loss for words.  These people have helped me through an awful lot of stuff over the years, and to know that my deepest desire of providing honest support for others’ growth were achieved.

Plus, beyond this group’s wonderful words, I (plus my lovely wife & child) were called out in our ‘adopted’ friend’s blog last night.  Christine made a lovely mention of the impact that we’ve had on her.  From the time she moved to Nashville, we’ve taken on the role of her ‘local parents’ and we’ve loved having her around.  Having experienced a similar move in my past and knowing the impact it can have being apart from everyone you know, I wanted to make sure she felt comfortable.  Susan and Olivia loved her, and so she became part of the family.  Olivia even has the honor of being basically the only kid on the planet that she enjoys being around!  They met one night at Rosepepper and they were instant buddies.  So, from Christine, not just in blog format, we’ve heard the impact we’ve had and hopefully will continue to have from the other side of the world.

Not to be sappy or attempt to be inspirational in the midst of a tiny blog post in the big web… but… try to take the time to tell someone how important they are to you… it’s pretty awesome.  My wife heard it pretty loud and clear from me tonight as we began the final list prior to my departure.  That group heard and saw it.  Christine got it, too.  Who might you tell?

More to come… I’ve got a little less than 2.5 days to my flight’s departure…


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