Counting down to Tokyo

It’s been just a little more than a week since we made the final decision to accept the offer to move to Tokyo.  It’s been a heck of a week, too – we’ve begun packing things (luggage as well as boxes), sorting out details of leaving things behind, and starting all the paperwork in the office.  Last Friday, though, we just moved through the day in a state of shock.

Olivia has been deeply involved in the whole process and she can tell you how we’ll get to Japan, etc.  Amusingly, the most fascinating part of the airplane for her is that it has a potty on it.  The television screens are in second place to the fact that there is a potty ON THE PLANE.

Right now I don’t yet have my ticket to Tokyo, but all signs still point to my leaving on the 6th.  Once there, I’ll dive into work – there is a lot of stuff to get into really fast – and looking for an apartment.  When I get the apartment settled and some semblance of a routine, Susan and Olivia will fly over.

We’ll likely be living in Minato ward of Tokyo, in the Roppongi area.  This is the same location as our office there as well as a lot of the other ex-pats from my office.

Expect the blog to be a lot more active – this will be our primary means of mass communication.  We, of course, have gotten Skype all prepared and will be using that extensively, including group chat!

More to come!


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