Hey, look at this… I’m posting  back-to-back on our blog.  (Don’t get used to it)

Just so everyone knows, Susan interviewed today and was offered the position.  This will keep her working at the hospital and behind a desk where she should be considerably more stable.  We’re still working out all of the details, but it’s a 40 hour a week job with no change in pay.  Oh – and this job uses Susan as an RN, so that’s a plus, too.This means Olivia will remain in the same day care for the time being.  We have to sort out how exactly we’re going to handle Olivia’s care for the next couple of weeks while we wait for the first paycheck to come in… but that’s  small detail.

A little more than a month ago we signed up for a waiting list at dance studio around the corner, and today we got an email telling us they had an opening.  Olivia will officially start her first dance class on this coming Saturday, running through the end of April.  She’ll have a performance opportunity on May 7, also a Saturday.  She and Susan will go shopping for her leotard, etc. tomorrow.

We got the estimate on the repairs for the house and we’re going through the details of that to sort out what is urgent versus what can wait a few months.  We’ll just say there was a bit of sticker shock, but nothing that we didn’t expect deep down.  Hopefully we’ll get things moving in the very near term so this chapter can be closed out.

I got my drip irrigation system in the mail today, so I’ll spend some time tomorrow getting that put into place.  Oh yeah – I’m taking the next two days off of work to ‘recharge my batteries’ a bit after the past month’s worth of excitement.  I don’t have anything special planned, and I think I’m pretty okay with that idea.


One response to “Updates!

  • Garrett

    Drip drip! You’ll have to let me know how the drip irrigation does.

    I’m still working on my GardenNet, but it’s been put on the back-burner for rainy days when I don’t have anything to do (ha!). But, once it’s ready to go, I’m aiming to get the cost down to $10-15 per gnode and about $30 for the master.

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