Let’s see here…

Ok… what’s going on…

… we had someone come by the house today to start the process of quoting repairs to the foundation.  Some things seem to be perhaps easier / cheaper than expected.  Other things seem to be going downhill (no pun intended…?) faster than we might have thought.  We’ll know in a couple of days what is happening.

… Susan is still out of work for the moment.  She has an interview for a desk job tomorrow morning, so we’ll see how that goes.  We’re not pinning an awful lot on this job, but we do admit that it may have an impact on Olivia’s daycare situation.  We’ll take it as it comes.

… speaking of Susan out of work, if you weren’t already aware, she’s been diagnosed with Neurally Mediated Hypotension.  This generally means her heart is operating a bit ‘backwards’ when she’s changing position and instead of drawing blood back to the core, it’s allowing it to stay in the extremities, or perhaps even telling the limbs to take a bit more.  Not particularly helpful for, say, remaining upright and conscious.  The treatment at this point is loads of fluids and extra salt in her diet.  She and the doctor would prefer to avoid the maintenance medication route.

… Olivia is doing well.  She’s been fighting the idea of naps lately, which is a bit disconcerting.  She, as far as we’re aware, is still taking them at daycare, but at home it’s a major struggle.  She talks a lot about being a ballerina and want desperately to take a dance class.  We’ve been looking around a bit, but haven’t secured her a spot just yet – maybe it’s tougher because it’s the summer session?

… the weather is warming up nicely, so we’ve begun to plant a few things in containers around the house.  I set the vegetable garden on the deck – perhaps a bit overzealous, but it’s done now – and we’ve got flowers in the front of the house.  You can see the progress both in our Flickr photostream as well as at Folia.  I’d put their fancy blog badge on the right, but it doesn’t want to work.

… work has been pretty wild for me, but it’s been a fun challenge lately, as I’ve been pushed to learn a lot of new stuff.  It’s been tough at times, and I’ve had a lot of really helpful people to fill in my knowledge gaps, so I’m enjoying it a great deal.

… I’ve let hockey take a bit of a back seat lately.  I handed the Captain’s “C” on to a teammate so that I could try and re-invigorate my desire to play the game once some of those pressures were lifted.  It hasn’t happened so far, but I think the stress of daily life has filled some of those gaps for now.  I expect that the summer will bring me back toward the ice a little more often – plus Ben and Rich give me so much grief for not coming that I’ll just break down soon.

… we’ve been keeping up to a certain degree with eating at home – a distinct improvement over our habits a little more than 6 months ago.  To that end, I was reminded of the blog ‘experiment’ we did with a bunch of friends and family: Our Favorite Recipes.  I even posted a new recipe on there a few nights ago.

I suppose that’s it for now… I’ll check back in a few months from now. 🙂


One response to “Let’s see here…

  • Ames

    Just a reminder regarding recipes:

    I’ve upgraded to Living Cookbook 2011 recently. Let me know if you want to start using it and uploading / sharing recipes. I haven’t done a heck of a lot of cooking lately, but I do have some new things to add and this was a good reminder. Did a Shepherd’s Style Spicy Pork Taco with some cumin rice & potatoes (mixed together woo!) a week ago and they were so absolutely and completely amazing. Easy enough for you to make for a group of people – I’m sure you’d like it a lot. Unfortunately, I suffered dearly for it all night long and realized I probably can’t have it when breastfeeding either. But I doubt that will stop me from making it : P
    Dad challenged my pot roast on Sunday. I almost hate to admit it, but we considered it a tie: mine is more of a winter roast, his is more summer. Mine is on the website, you’ll have to talk to him about his recipe, though it involves a smoker.
    Anywho – I’ll let you know when its updated again. Maybe this weekend…

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