Getting toward the end

Alright… it’s Thursday.  Yesterday my boss’s boss’s boss Dave arrived in Tokyo, so we got our first true read-out on our progress.  John B had been pleased for the whole time we’ve been here, but we knew that given the fact that Dave & the Tokyo boss had worked out the trip details they’d be the ones to tell us if we were on the right track.  We met with Dave at 3p and ran through the entire set of work we’ve done…


… and he was happy.  There were only a couple of small edits and he agreed that we were in exactly the right place.  That means we continued to fine tune things the rest of Wednesday evening, will spend all day Thursday doing the same thing, then we’ll spend 3 hours on Friday presenting our findings and recommendations.  That presentation will be for Dave, Antony (Tokyo boss), John B, and the majority of the operations staff.  We expect to have a pretty reasonable discussion of the material.


Last night we went out as a small group and ate Shabu Shabu.  This is a thinly sliced, high quality beef that is boiled in water at your table.  Along with the beef you’ve got veggies in the water.  After you’ve eaten all the beef and veggies you have soba noodles along with that (what has become) broth.  It was a good meal with great conversation and company, but off the diet plan.


Lunch was at an Italian place around the corner where I got crab pasta and a couple of slices of pizza.  It was a reasonable meal, but not quite what I was expecting.  The crab was still in the shell and didn’t offer much in the way of meat which I had hoped for in order to… yes, stay on my plan.  I would have preferred more pizza than more pasta.  I think sushi is in the cards for lunch today.  Breakfast this morning was off my plan, too – we ate at a nearby bakery where I had some amazing pastries.


I’ve struggled with my workout the past couple of days – probably because I’m eating all wrong.  My sleep hasn’t been fantastic either – I am usually awake until 11p or 12a, much later than normal, and then I’m sleeping until 8a, again later than normal.  The bed is nice, but the pillows are odd… maybe the bed is too soft.  I feel pretty sore in my back which I’m attributing to the bed in some degree.


I’m beginning to get pretty excited about coming home now that I know the flight is (basically) 100% locked-in for Saturday.  I took some time last night and this morning to begin packing my luggage.  It’s been a nice trip and I wish I could have done more, but now that I know I’m about to go home, I’m ready for it.  My video call with Olivia this morning was about the best we’ve had – she was really interested in talking to me which is a change from previous calls.  I explained I’d be home soon, but then I realized for her it’s not really… it’s still only Wednesday there.  I did get reminded, though, that my arrival time is pretty reasonable – 7:30p – so I’ll actually get to see them both without having to wake them up.


So tonight is a big office dinner and tomorrow I’ll try to make the trip to see Patrick again.  Unfortunately Patrick is in Yokohama and apparently President Obama will be in Yokohama as well.  I’m hoping that either due to my chosen mode of transport (train) or my timing (early evening) I won’t encounter too much trouble.


I haven’t bought much in the way of gifts or souvenirs… I’m never very good at that, plus the exchange rate is miserably bad.  Around 78 Yen to the dollar.  Maybe I’ll go with my upbringing and do some airport shopping on Saturday…


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