Let’s see… where are we now?

So, as you might expect, Olivia continues to age and with age comes new components of her personality.

For example, she’s completely in love with wearing dresses.  We went through all 5 dresses she owns for each of the 5 days she went to day care this week.

She now (basically) colors within the lines of a drawing.  I look at this two different ways – on one hand, I’m really excited because she, without either of her parents prompting her, has figured out that the bold lines on a coloring book mean something, and she tries following those ‘rules.’  On the other hand, I want her to boldly color outside of the lines, tossing societies norms to the curb, hence my not prompting her.  Of course, the idea of coloring outside of the lines is forbidden for me and my overly organized mind, but I don’t want to impose these restrictions on my child.  On the third hand, I guess she couldn’t eschew rules she wasn’t aware of, so beginning to color within the lines gives her the knowledge that she could be tossing of the norms.  Boy… that’s over thinking it all, isn’t it?

Potty training continues to go well.  Most nights she is sleeping in her underwear and only once has she woken up wet.  Accidents occur during the day, but generally she’s successfully making it to the bathroom.  There was a stretch of four days when she visited her grandparents and she had a tough time slowing down the play to get to the potty!

Speaking of the 4 day visit, that gave Susan and I some nice time alone at home.  We took the opportunity to go out for a couple of great meals.  First, on Thursday, we went to Margot where we’d only been once before on our anniversary.  The food here is always fresh – the menu is based on what the chef could find that day – and I had absinthe for the first time.  On Saturday we went to Chappy’s, a great restaurant in Nashville for the unfortunate reason that Katrini wiped out Chappy’s New Orleans’ based restaurant.  Again, there is a significant ingredient quality here – in a discussion with Chappy (who visited the table a few times) he made it clear that he knew exactly where the food came from and that it had been there quite recently!

Susan’s on the job training is in its final 5 weeks.  Now she’s working 8 hour shifts, a welcome change from the 6 weeks of 12 hour shifts.  This may be the ‘ideal’ schedule for us in the end, but at least we have a life together on this schedule.  We continue to toggle between eating in and eating out, with the ‘out’ winning more often.  We’ve been talking over how to do a little better of eating at home and eating ‘real’ food – maybe we’ll sort that out eventually.

We’re down to just 30 days to our next trip to Disney World, this one with Susan’s family.  We’ll drive down and spend Sunday through Saturday staying in the Old Key West resort.  Olivia (and all of us) are quite excited about the visit – she talks about princesses twice as much now that she knows she’s going to visit them!

My job is in the process of changing in a fairly significant way… once they’ve found my replacement.  I’ve been in a management position since May of ’09 with a slight change in responsibility in Nov of ’09.  At this point, I’m going to switch from management into the role of a ‘solutions engineer’ where I’ll do designs for projects that are coming into the operations environment.  It returns me to a much more technical role, but considerably different from what I was doing prior to management.  There isn’t a clearly defined date for this change because it all depends on someone taking over my current job!

The motorcycle riding is nice and has been fun, rain or shine.  I got a late birthday present of some soft-sided saddle bags, so that’s given me the ability to take more stuff on my rides if I so desired.  This is easily a first step toward some longer rides.  There are a few other things to get in place prior to that – checking out the life of the tires, probably replacing the brakes, and generally getting more comfortable with the bike.  I’ve ridden through heat and rain at this point, giving me a fair number of miles / hours on the saddle.


2 responses to “Let’s see… where are we now?

  • sheila craigge

    Well written as usual. Life flies by and children grow older. Enjoy my son and family. 30 days and I’m so out of shape. I hope I can keep up!!!
    Love Mimi

    • Ian

      I’m certain that the joy of watching Olivia soak up the ‘magic’ of Disney World will fuel you well. Plus, look at the next 3 weeks as an opportunity to spend a little more time walking around. The weather is beginning to get a little nicer and you can take a few short walks throughout the day to get yourself feeling a little more confident to tackle the parks.

      And hey, even if you aren’t in tip-top shape, we’ll all still have tons of fun – sitting in Disney World is still better than sitting in an office!

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