Growing up…

So Olivia is getting pretty steady on the whole being a big girl thing.  She’s been staying dry through the night, sleeping in a pull-up just in case, and fairly consistently using the potty.   We’ve sent her to daycare in big girl underwear since last Monday and she’s only had two accidents in 4 days.  She has apparently been quite proud of his underwear, as we’ve been informed that she’s been showing them off.  Tinkerbell, Minnie, Mickey, even Spongebob now grace our daughter’s bottom.

She’s also shown recently her able to be empathetic.  On Thursday she feel ill with a viral stomach bug and recovered by Saturday evening.  Sunday morning, though, I woke up with it.  Throughout the day, she’s visited me in the bed or the bathroom floor, curling up next to me saying “I don’t feel good,” and proceeding to cuddle.  She’s brought me Playdoh ‘jelly pies’ to eat and has tried to take care of me as best she knows how.

On a more generic note, she’s rather afraid of most insects – crawling or flying.  All crawling insects are ants, at least to start with and all flying insects are bees.  She knows all too well what mosquito bites are and tends to milk their effects for all their worth.  She got one near her ankle that required a band-aid to avoid it from rubbing raw, so that’s set an ugly precedent.  Speaking of band-aids, she, like most children I presume, loves the things.  She’ll ask for a band-aid for absolutely any sort of injury and has now taken to placing them on all by herself.  She does, however, commonly require them after a few days at daycare, and she’s a pretty aggressive (or is it just clumsy?) player outdoors.

Her imagination runs wild these days.  She’ll grab the watering can she got at her cousin Daniel’s birthday party and water all of the flowers in the room.  Flowers she’ll proceed to pick and give as gifts.  She loves dressing up – princess dresses commonly extract twirling and singing… well, her version of singing at least.  For a while, we were playing a regular game of hiding from the alligators.  We’d go up the stairs to the master bedroom, turn the corner and she’d wave her hand while shouting ‘alli-gate-ters!’  At that point, we have to hide under the blankets… and sing ‘ABCD’.

Eating continues to be an adventure in frustration… stuck in the chicken and fries stage, but with regular expansions toward fruits.  Vegetables are… uncommon.

She loves coloring, drawing and painting.  We’ve started a large collection of artwork on the walls of our house, thanks to daycare.  She has been able to draw basic faces for a month or so now, something that has surprised us pretty well.  These faces have eyes, sometimes with irises, noses, and mouths.  She’s even been known to put a mustache on the face when she’s drawing me!

So… just a little update about our little big girl.


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