Busy, busy

I won’t spend time make apologies or promises, but know that we’re still around, just massively busy.

Olivia is demonstrating her age thoroughly, on a more than daily basis, by locating nearly every boundary available to her and pushing it. She’s quite a vocal young lady, but has to be reminded not to whine so much. She will, from time to time, declare her emotional state – “I’m mad” – as well as act it out.

Susan has been plugging away at work and has gotten a fantastic opportunity recently. Starting the 19th of April, she’ll be in an in-hospital training program to become a surgical RN after 6 months. Surgical RN is something she toyed with long ago when she started nursing, so it’s been very exciting to know she was chosen.

I’ve been working hard, too. I’ve changed roles slightly at work, moving from managing one group of people to another. I was in India last October and all plans are for me to be there again in May.

With spring arriving, we’ve made a few investments into the house – the hole in the ceiling of the back bedroom has been fixed, the exterior of the house painted, and soon we’ll have new windows! We also rearranged the rooms a bit, swapping the downstairs bedrooms. After taking my favorite (albeit damaged) armchairs back from my sister & parents, I’ve turned the back bedroom into a bit of an office. Combined with the purchase of a HD TV as a monitor, it’s pretty comfortable back here. Susan gets to use the front bedroom for lying in bed watching TV – a compromise over putting the television in the master bedroom.

I’ve posted a few pictures of Olivia today, since she dug my camera up and handed it to me. I’ll try to do a little better at that, but we always have the continuous flow of cell-phones pics coming. I’ve also taken on (yet another) new hobby – bonsai trees. There will, no doubt, be plenty of pictures of those coming, too.


2 responses to “Busy, busy

  • Craigge

    Nicely written and I love the pics. Our little girl is growing up. Congrats on the victory. Oh, are you the hair dresser for Olive? Have a great week.
    Mimi and Pawpaw

  • Matt

    I actually have a book or two on bonsai in my man room. Remind me and I will give them to you.


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