In Disney World

Woah – sudden activity!

We got to Disney World on Sunday the 20th and we’re staying in the “new” Treehouse villas in the Saratoga Springs resort.

It’s been a nice trip, albeit a bit odd.  We’ve got just a day left on the trip and we still have yet to walk into Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios.

Olivia has had a good time on the trip having a slightly better idea of what is happening.  She’s met Daisy Duck, Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger so far and has been delighted in the process.  Each time she has gotten upset about having to leave her new friends, approaching them with confidence and pleasure.

We’ve eaten well, like usual.  We haven’t taken many photos ourselves, leaving most of the photography to the Disney folks, so we’ll have those in a few weeks.  The handful of personal photos aren’t playing nice on the upload process right now.  I did get a video upload, though, so you can take a look at Olivia and the Pooh crew.

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