No promises, people.

It’s been a bit since I’ve written.  It may be a bit till I write again.  Sorry, folks, the last few months have not been conducive to blogging.  That doesn’t mean that Olivia hasn’t been the most amazing, wonderful, smart, beautiful, talented, charming, loquacious, darling little girl in the world.

It means that there has not been time (or energy) to write it all down.


Here’s a smidge of what has been going on:

Hole in the roof.
Water through the DOWNSTAIRS ceiling.
Water through the bathroom walls.
Gutters and downspouts randomly giving up their rather tenuous grasp on life.

These and other things all lead to an estimated $17,000 repair bill.  What does that mean?  That means Momma (ie. Me) has to go back to work.  What does that mean?


Granted, I had been considering making a return to nursing.  Olive is a doll, but could stand a little socialization.  She desperately wants to be around kids her age.  You should see her lunge at other (panicked) children while playing on the playground or shopping with her parents.  The child emphatically luvs other kiddos.  That eased my guilt/worry/must-never-make-a-mistake nature into believing she might enjoy daycare.  But there is a big difference in deciding to become a working mom and being pushed into it because the house might actually fall down around our ears.

Also, some of you might have noticed that there have been some global economic issues lately… some recession thingy…  that could make landing job a bit more difficult.

All of this to say that our posting is probably going to stay sporadic until all this evens out.  BUT, I am still plugging away with my cell phone camera.  I have pics from a couple of regular cameras that aren’t yet uploaded.  If nothing else, Olive’s adorable self will still be memorialized on our photo links for your viewing pleasure.


One response to “No promises, people.

  • aliasmother

    Recession? What recession?

    I’m happy to see an update. I’d tell you that it will all work out, but you already know that. I wish you luck. Job hunting is probably the most grueling thing out there, but be persistent and don’t settle.

    Catch you on the flip side.

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