Mother’s Day Out

So her mother didn’t actually get the day out of the house, but Olivia did spend the day away from anyone related to her.

Susan had a bit of GI upset starting very early in the morning, so I delayed the start of my work day and dropped Olivia off at the mother’s day our program we’ve been trying to get her well enough to enter. Everything went very smoothly with the drop off – I met the teacher, a couple of kids, left her bag of stuff, and backed out of the room while Olivia wasn’t looking. Apparently she never really did go looking.

When Susan went to pick her up this afternoon, Olivia had a great report card – she’s full of smiles, a pleasure to care for, and played well with everyone. She skipped taking a nap, but otherwise was an angel. She was excited to see her mommy arrive, but not in a panicked manner – she brought some toys over to show off.

She’ll be back at it this coming Monday and hopefully this time Susan will get some time that isn’t spent healing.


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