New and Improved! Now Rash Free!

Olivia’s rash is out of the picture.  I haven’t had to medicate her for itching in 3 days.  She no longer looks like a chemical burn victim.  If you stare at her calves long and hard, you might faintly detect the outline where the largest areas were.  Barely.  You’d need to squint and get uncomfortably close to a toddler’s derriere.

This is a mighty good thing for many reasons.  The foremost being that it nearly broke my heart to see her so uncomfortable.  It just about killed me to have my baby in pain and not be able to do anything about it besides dope her up and wait it out.  The thought of having to do so for weeks, possibly months…


The other great thing is that Olive is now healthy enough to attend a Mother’s Day Out Program.  She’ll get some socialization with other kids and I’ll have a regular block of time to myself!  Win-win all around.  I’ll be visiting the program this Friday (after a dental appointment…  :P) to check it out.  I’ve already talked over the phone with the head honcho and the lady who would be Olivia’s teacher.  They were exceptionally nice and very enthusiastic about having her in the class.  As long as I like what I see, she’ll be starting come Monday.


My dad’s birthday was yesterday, so….



One response to “New and Improved! Now Rash Free!

  • April

    Hooray! Olivia is itch free!! Also, I think you are really going to enjoy having Olivia in a mother’s day out. It was one of the best things I did for myself. It helped me regain some of my sanity. You will be able to grocery shop, clean, or just watch TV.

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