Ok, so yes, the blog has been neglected really, really badly.  But no – tonight just isn’t the night to correct that neglect!

I’m stopping by for two reasons.  We’ll start with the fun news first – our Disney PhotoPass CD showed up today, and I’ve pushed all those up to Flickr in a set all their own.


So now for the news that isn’t so fun.


We found out this morning that Olivia has a viral rash over a large portion of her body.  It may actually be two separate viral rahes, but they don’t really know for sure.  However, just like the cold virus, there isn’t anything to do except make the symptoms bareable.  And how do you do that?  With antihistimines.  And how do those make you feel?  Sleepy.

So you ask, how long will it last?  They aren’t sure – the doctor has seen a patient that had it last for a couple of months.  The short end of the scale is a couple of weeks.  That’s a couple of weeks to a couple of months of a baby that wants to peel her skin off because it itches.  A baby that screams the majority of the time she’s awake.  A baby who can’t visit most of her family or friends because they’ve got easily compromisable immune systems…

So… that’s us.

Oh – and if you’re watching the Flickr stream, don’t mind the over abundance of photos of me, some of which may be odd – I’m participating in the “365 Project” where I’ll end up with a self portrait every day for the rest of the year.  I’ve started it once before, but I’m hopeful to make it through this time…


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