We’re home…

After a very trying flight home, wherein Miss Olivia screamed for the majority of it, we’re finally home.

I’m not really feeling like writing a long post, so I’ll just share a couple of links:

Garrett’s photos from the trip are here.
The combination of mom’s, Susan’s, and my cameras are here.
The longer videos that I took – with my cell phone 😦 – are here.

I think we may have gotten a whole 5 minutes worth of real video, and most of that was in “night shot” mode.  The battery got drained at some point but I didn’t know until we were at Pooh’s breakfast, which was the biggest thing we wanted to video.  At that point I was discouraged and didn’t charge that battery…

We have the Disney PhotoPass pictures in a few weeks, and I know I’ve got at least one more batch of pictures to upload this afternoon.  All told, I think we’ll have nearly 1000 pictures from this trip…

I’ll write more later, for now, its back to laundry.

2 responses to “We’re home…

  • Elynka

    We have only gone on a week-long vacation once since having 2 children. We do 4- and 3-day weekends and stuff like that. It’s funny now because when you get back, you kind of need a vacation from vacation!

  • Craigge

    Happy birthday Olivia. We had a wonderful first birthday with you sweet baby. My you have a blessed year and many many more beautiful birthdays. Love, Mimi and Pawpaw

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