Disney update

Its been several days since we last posted and we’ve been having a fun time here in Disney World.  I can’t say we’ve had smooth nights, but the days have been very nice.

Olivia’s schedule, as we can all imagine, is a little off right now.  She’s in an odd place, with lots of people, and a small room.  Getting her to sleep has been a difficult task, complete with plenty of screaming.  Even when she naps, she ends up moving toward meltdown about the same time every night – about the time we order dessert at the dinner table!

A couple of  fun things from the past few days – Olivia loves to sleep under the stars.  On Tuesday night, during the Christmas party, we went through the TTA and when we pulled into Space Mountain, she saw the stars and passed out.  Last night, Wednesday, we went into Spaceship Earth for a quick ride and when we hit the stars, she hit the sack.  Fun part?  She adores Spaceship Earth’s scenes.  She watches them with great fascination and cranes her head as they go by.

This has been a very different trip from previous ones – Olivia changes a lot of the dynamic.  That, combined with the fact that Susan is the only person that will ride the fast rides with me, makes our time in the parks a little different.  It’s not that we’re spending lots of time on the kiddie rides – Olivia doesn’t care one way or the other, really – its just that it seems like we’ve been a little less organized about our time in the parks.

Food has been great, and I was very happy to find that Tokyo Dining served my favorite shochu, of which I’ve bought a bottle, by the glass.  The food there was good and plentiful, but sort of short on sushi.  With the dining plan, you can order their pre-set sushi platter, but the sushi selection isn’t exactly adventuresome… which, I suppose, should be expected.  Le Cellier in Canada was nice, but Susan and I preferred the New York Strip steak she got in the Coral Reef.  Not that the one we had in Canada wasn’t awesome, there are just varying degrees of awesome.

I’ve posted a few videos – fireworks and Christmas stories.  Of course there are a few hundred photos (400+) already uploaded, and that doesn’t even count Garrett and Amy’s photos or the PhotoPass photos we’ll have after the trip.

Today its raining very hard, and we’re technically under a tornado watch.  It should be wrapping up by now, so we’re talking about what we’re doing today.  Yesterday was a bit of a wash, and today got washed out, but we’re still having fun!


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