Turkey? Eaten.

And man was it juicy.  I really don’t want to brag, and I don’t remember if it was quite like this last year, but I can say for certain that this was one juicy bird.  My first cut into the breast meat had liquid flowing like a fountain.  I extended the brine time by an hour, but I don’t know if that made any difference.  Like I said, too, this may have been the situation last year, I’m just not certain.

We had a great time, but missed having Susan’s parents and Aunt along for the celebration.  My dad supported me in the kitchen all day long, so that made the process much easier to handle.  We managed to get everything cooked, some for the first time, and delivered to the table on time.  Dad tried his hand at cornbread stuffing and giblet gravy, each for his first time at the helm.  The stuffing left a few minor things to be desired, but overall went extremely well.

In addition to Thanksgiving dinner, we had a little bit of early Christmas.  Basically there was a severe shortage of vehicle space, so things needed to be delivered when the opportunity arose.  Olivia got a “magic fountain cottage” from my parents and it was brought up by Susan’s parents on Thursday.  This stayed in the box, rendering it basically invisible to Olivia, until today when my mother could assemble it.  You’ll notice the photos on flickr.

For Susan and I we got a new chest of drawers and bed from IKEA.  This was a complete surprise to me, and we haven’t tackled the process of putting them together just yet.  We decided instead of furniture construction, we’d spent some family time together.  Amy, Garrett and Geni took a quick trip to Target and bought Apples To Apples, a game Matt and Richell had introduced us to a while back.  We spent several hours playing, laughing and taunting one another.

Miss Olivia had a delightful time today, playing and visiting with all of the family.  She and Harvey got to spend time together, as well with everyone else – she’s even starting to warm up to my dad finally.  It may have been helpful that he was on her terrority this time, but she certainly was a lot less shy about being around him.

By about 5 or 6p, though, she was exhausted.  Someone swept her off to bed and she hasn’t really woken up since then.  Apparently being charming for so many people, and taking ownership of a new home, is quite tiring for a young girl.  I’m sure she’s just resting up to tackle the cottage anew, tomorrow morning.

Even with all the changes of plans (which everyone knows frustrated me greatly), it all turned out very nicely.  I hate that we couldn’t have quite everyone at the same time, but we did get to see everyone around the same time.  I’m thankful for a home that can fit so many people and for families that will travel to be together.


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