No longer sick, but quite tired…

Everyone seems to be basically back into shape.  Olivia isn’t completely transitioned back to regular food, but she’s moving that direction.  As such, her diapers reflect her intake… mostly liquid. 😦  Susan is starting to finally shake off the phenagren shot she got at the doctor’s office.  She already doesn’t deal well with that particular medicine and then they had to give her a double dose, due simply to inventory restrictions.  She’s beginning to return to the world of solid foods, too.

I… I am tired.  Ed and Sheila were up Thursday and Friday, so they gave me a chance to get the house more toward prepared while they held onto the baby.  They took her to the Opry Hotel on Thursday, which they all enjoyed quite a bit.  I took the opportunity to join some friend’s for a Thanksgiving dinner, much like we had last year.  They were all quite disappointed Olivia wasn’t able to join us, but understood the situation.  It was an amazing dinner, with a wide variety of dishes and wines.

After dinner we played a very amusing game called “Celebrity” and I ended up on the winning team both times.  Those of you that know my friends… you’ll understand that it was a very interesting experience.  The game has three rounds, one with few restrictions on the verbal clues, the second where you’re limited to two words, and the third is completely non-verbal.  Wildly amusing.

I haven’t slept an awful lot lately, or I’ve slept poorly and its all starting to catch up with me.  I’ll hopefully have Sunday to recover somewhat and then it’s just a week of work until we’re off to Disney World.  I sure hope getting down there will give me some rest!

Almost everyone will be in the house tomorrow for our postponed Thanksgiving dinner.  We’ll lose Ed and Sheila due to work schedules, but we had an opportunity to visit them in a quiet setting and they had tons of time with Miss Olivia.  I’m excited to have everyone over tomorrow, and to have many of them as overnight guests.  I think I long for the holidays at my grandmother’s house, where we often gathered as a group until late in the night…


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