Now Susan has it!

I simply have not had a chance to post today, but Susan woke up this morning with the same thing that has stricken Miss Olivia.  She spent most of the day running up and down the stairs to empty the contents of her body, while Olivia and I hung out.

Olivia was pretty sluggish today, waking only for an hour or so, then returning to a long nap.  After she woke, she ate her first “solid” meal for a couple of days – applesauce!  Soon thereafter, she was down for a nap again.  I woke her before she was done, but it was for a good reason – we needed to get Susan to a doctor to make sure there was nothing we needed to be concerned about.

I dropped Susan off, then Olivia and I killed time in the area.  An hour or so later, Susan was out with a shot of anti-naseau in her system and a couple of scripts.  We dropped the scripts off, then I brought them both home.  I fed Olivia a little more applesuace then introduced some bread – and the bread was a huge success.  After a while, she was raising a huge stink and she had finally produced a semi-solid poop.  I take this to be a very good sign of her recovery.

Olivia and I drove up to the pharamacy, grabbed the medicine, and then I laid her down for a nap.  Once she was asleep, I headed out for food.  I intended to go to the new restaurant at the end of the street, but they’d just closed for the evening.  Instead I drove down to Rosepepper and grabbed a bit of food to go.

Olivia is still asleep despite having gone to bed quite early… it’ll be interesting to see how this goes.  I’ve been walking around spraying everything with Lysol in an attempt to keep myself healthy. 🙂


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