Poor, sick Olivia

Warning – puke and poop ahead.

Last night was a long night.  We put Olivia down to sleep around 8:30p, and she woke a couple of times between then and 10p when we moved toward bed ourselves.  Since it was abnormal for her to wake so often, so early, Susan checked in on her.  What she found was a shivering baby girl, covered in her own vomit.  Apparently, the times she woke up were to rid herself of the contents of her stomach.

We quickly warmed up the bathroom and drew a bath.  We plopped her in, warmed her body and gave her a decent scrubbing.  It had gotten into her hair pretty thoroughly, but she wasn’t wildly interested in a shampoo job.  We left her in the tub for a while, mostly because she was still working through dry heaves.

Eventually, though, we pulled her out and stayed close to her all night.  The yellowish vomit eventually transitioned to a brown color.  We began to worry about the little bit of a foam toy she’d bitten off on Saturday night.  The three of us “slept” in the bed together, waking every 15 – 25 minutes for Olivia to heave a little bit.

Around 3:30a, she let out a stinky poo – and a huge one.  It was basically mucus, and it blew out the diaper, getting into her sleeper.  We weren’t about to give a very, very sleepy baby a bath, so it was just a change of clothes and a wipe down.  From here, though, she slept quietly until 8:30a when she woke, ready to go like a normal day.

We had spoken to the on-call nurse around 4a, and they had suggested going to the ER, what with the brown vomit and the possible blockage.  We decided against that, though, because she had completely settled down.  Then, when she woke up in such a good mood, we figured we could even skip a doctor’s visit.  However, about 30 minutes after her formula bottle, we knew we had to go.

The visit was fairly uneventful – anti-naseau medicine (the same stuff Susan took for her morning sickness) and a recommendation toward Pedialyte.  Monitor, hydrate, and try to sleep.  The doc was more concerned with us than the baby, probably because the baby was personable and we weren’t!

She’s had a fair amount of pedialyte, after the anti-naseau meds, and now she’s napping.  At least this bug is ahead of Thanksgiving and our Disney Trip… right?

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