Home again

We’re all back at home – me returning from Seattle and Susan from Chattanooga. It seems they had a great time visiting everyone in Chattanooga, and I know I had fun in Seattle. I went out for a software conference and I’ve learned a lot, especially about how inactive I’ve been in the online community. I’m going to try and rectify that over the next year, pushing my self a little harder.

Beyond traveling, we’ve been getting ready for Thanksgiving at our house. We’ve set the menu for Thanksgiving – 13 people this year, not including the little mouth.

Turkey, ham, green bean casserole, stuffing, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, and sweet potato casserole. Also a couple of cheeses and a salmon mousse to start…

The house isn’t looking too sharp, so I think we’ll be pretty busy over the next few days trying to get things cleaner. It’s tough, what with Olivia’s toys being scattered about within 10 minutes of her arrival in a room.

I’ve got my last hockey game of the season today and its early enough that the girls will be in attendance!  The team has been doing very well and I’m excited Susan will get to see us play today.  The team has been together for almost two year and we’ve still got a big portion of the original crew.  Maybe we’ll get a few pictures from the game today…


2 responses to “Home again

  • aliasmother

    Sounds great! What time should I be there?

    Oh…you didn’t mean…oh. No, no, that’s okay. No, I’ll be fine. You kids have fun. I’ll just be…yeah.

    (How embarrassing.)

  • Ian

    AM – you should be here by at least 11am, I’d say. If you guys wanted to come down early, we’ve still got one bedroom available, but it may be a little messy around the house…

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