Long time no see

Sooo… it’s been… a long time since I last posted.  It’s a been a fair while since either of us have posted.

Olivia is good – she walks very, very well, even in her footed PJs on the hardwood floors.  She’s backing off the formula feedings and moving more toward solid food feedings.  Carrots, peas, cheese, yogurt, yogurt/wheat bites, fruit (honeydew, strawberry, pineapple, cantaloupe), refried beans, etc, etc, etc.  We’ve not introduced a tremendous amount of meat – the occasional bit of shredded chicken or gerber ravioli.

She took a little break from saying real words, but she seems to have brought dada back from the depths of her mind and exercises it a fair amount.  To say she prefers her daddy would be a significant understandment.  It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy time with her mom, but she will strain to get a glimpse at daddy if mommy is in the way.

In addition to her walking, she’s climbing.  She mastered climbing onto the toy chest behind the couch a week or so ago.  We knew it was mastered when she fell off of it and busted her lip… and then within an hour she was back on top, parading around.  Within the past few days, she’s figured out how to get onto the couch and ottoman.  This, of course, was the last bastion for grown-up items like magazines, books or remotes.

She’s a book worm.  She’ll sit in the floor and flip through books.  She’ll carry the same book back and forth between Susan and I for us to read it to her over and over again.  Susan now has “Big and Small Adventures with Elmo and Friends” completely memorized.  So much so that I can turn the pages on the opposite side of the room and Susan can recite the words… which seems to please Olivia.

We’ve been cleaning the house the past few days, preparing for family to visit for Thanksgiving.  At the same time, it’s been a process of baby proofing and / or fall cleaning.  We have re-confirmed that the giant stack of boxes full of books really shouldn’t be in our house any longer.  We’ve been carrying these things around for a few years now, knowing we didn’t want them, but just not getting around to donating / selling them.  We’ve also created a pile of donation “stuff” that will gain us a bit of room.

Amusingly, I got a ton of cleaning done yesterday morning and early afternoon – after being up working since 2am.  I’ve had a difficult week, starting early Wednesday morning.  I’ve not had a full night’s sleep since Tuesday, what with critical events and their cleanup.  It’s been a learning experience, and its given me an opportunity to write a bunch of training material.

Next week I’ll be in Seattle and Susan will be visiting Chattanooga.  I’m headed out for a conference and will hopefully return with a tremendous amount of information about the next version of the software I support.  When I get back, we’ll only have a few days until Thanksgiving is upon us.  From there, it’s just a little more than a week until we’re headed out to Disney World.

This will Olivia’s first trip to Disney World – she got to go to Disneyland when Susan and I went for the first time.  Of course neither of these trips will register in her memory, but we’re hoping that this trip at her first birthday will at least be something she will enjoy in the moment.  She’ll be getting her first haircut, so she’ll get a special pair of Mickey ears – her 3rd set!  (The first is from the trip when Susan was pregenant and the second is from Disneyland)  I know all of us, Amy, Garrett, Susan, and mom are all tremendously excited about this trip.  I know I’ll certainly be glad to turn off my work cell phone for a week.

I suppose that’s a reasonable wrap up of the recent events.  Oh – Tiffany visited from San Diego a few weeks back and there are photos at Flickr.  It was great to see her, as I was only recently lamenting the idea that she might not get to see Olivia for ages and she’d be a completely different kid!


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