Hale and Hearty.

We are all well.  Finally. <Applause, applause>

We had a wonderful Halloween.  Sandy came up to visit and see Olivia dressed up as a black cat (thank you, Richell, for the great costume).  The trick-or-treaters swamped us and I nearly ran out of candy.  There wasn’t much I could do in such a short period of time for decorating, but I put a light up pumpkin that belonged to Ian’s late grandmother, Dot, in the front window.  It was enough to bring in the sugar-seeking masses.

Olive is a climber.  She regularly scales the ottoman and Ian’s old toy chest.  Once on top, she paces in circles, laughing and pointing.  It’s hilarious… unless she falls.  She’s only taken two big tumbles and there weren’t any residual bruises or tears.  Really, they just served to make her more fearless, more determined.  More inclined to give Momma a coronary.

We have also started giving her whole milk.  There has been much trepidition on our parts in taking this step.  She had such trouble with breastmilk, along with Ian being lactose intolerant, AND the fact that neither my brother nor I were able to handle milk until well into our toddler years.  But she’s fine.  In fact, she rather loves it.  We don’t give her much, not even half a sippy cup over the course of the day.  We’ll be upping the ante very soon.

In other (happier) news, my sister-in-law, Richell, is pregnant!   Whooo-hooo!  Congratulations!  And my good friend, Shannon, is now expecting her second child.  Life is good.


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