Kiddo is a Sicko – Part II.

Olive has been battling her first cold.  This on the heels of me and Ian having whatever it was we had (stupid, crummy virus).  She’s been a trooper about it, though.  A sweet, snotty trooper.  Did I mention snot?  Lots of it.  Lots and lots and heaps and buckets and lots of it.  Seriously, I have no idea how such a tiny nose can produce that amount of mucous.  To quote a great line from a great movie, “Inconceivable!”.

The good news is… it’s almost run its course.  When I went to get her this morning, you could actually see her nose and not just a dried mass of goo.  Encouraging and far less icky.  It is important to note that Olivia absolutely hates having her face wiped.  You can see how this has been a problem for her in the last few days.  Poor thing.


One response to “Kiddo is a Sicko – Part II.

  • aliasmother

    Her first cold?

    Her FIRST cold?

    Holy crap. Is that what life is like when your kid isn’t in daycare? Because you could measure the amount of snot we’ve dealt with so far in truckloads.

    Wow. First cold.

    FYI: Saline drops + nose sucker. Makes them scream their head off, but it works!

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