Kiddo is a sicko.

Teething = fever.  That’s just how she rolls.  She doesn’t have any other symptoms (knock on wood), but she is hanging around in the 100 – 101 degree range.  Tylenol works so much better than Ibuprofen at bringing it down.  She is also drooling so much she puddles.  Funny and, yet, ick.

Succinct little post, no?


2 responses to “Kiddo is a sicko.

  • Jen

    Aw, poor thing. How many teeth does she have now? Hopefully she’s done soon!

    I feel really thankful that Peyton hasn’t drooled with any of his teeth since the first one. I was looking back at pictures and I have to say that the 24/7 bib is not the hottest look!

  • Craigge

    A baby’s life is very simple, but it isn’t always easy. The best part of this is that she’s cutting so many teeth so fast and at the same time, it will be done with sooner…Dad

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