Da-da… the little traitor.

Her first offical word – Da da.  There have been many times when she has said words (like Ma ma, for instance), but you couldn’t say they were connected to a physical object.  No longer the case.  She loves “Da da.”  Now, she has said “Ma ma” and it is starting to be directly linked to me… but I am second fiddle.

Not that I’m bitter.  Not me.  No siree.



3 responses to “Da-da… the little traitor.

  • Sandra

    You know, it is surprising that a child who spends more time with the mother seems to get the hang of the word Da-da easier. But, it is commonplace in a BAZILLION households so don’t fret. Maybe one day we’ll change our title so it’s easier to say it to us. 😀

  • Sandy

    I’m not so sure I’d want to rush it. Once they start saying it it seems like they never stop saying it – especially if you’re a stay at home mom. Believe me, there will be days when you wish you could change your name!
    But having said that, Ian waited until his first birthday to actually look at me and call me mama. It was like his gift to me on his birthday. It was wonderful!

  • aliasmother

    I got Mama first, and I tell you, it was a sweet, sweet vindication. Admittedly, she only says it when something is wrong. And it’s kind of whiny. As in, “Maaaamaaaaaaaaa I neeeeeeed you to fiiiiiiix iiiiiiit.” Ahem. So, Sandy has a point. But, whatever.

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