And it lingers on…

Sleeping last night was a chore – seems she may have quickly gotten used to attention we paid her the night before, what with the sleeping next to her and feeding her every couple of hours.  She ended up being quite awake at 2am, ready to play – in fact I took her downstairs and let her play in the dark for a bit!  Eventually, though, the fun and games were over and we tried to get her to sleep… which wasn’t happening.  We plopped her in the crib and let her cry it out until she finally went to sleep.

At this point, she’s working a low-grade fever and is a poop monster… a touch of diaherra.  Luckily, unlike Alias Mother’s Buddha baby, our little one doesn’t seem to be pushing the bottle away.  She isn’t interested in solid food, but the bottle is still her friend.

Susan spoke to the doctor this morning and we’re to continue monitoring for major changes.  They want the diaherra to run its course in an effort to clear whatever is causing the problem.

I’m seriously starting to reconsider the flu-shot “booster” we’re supposed to get her next month…


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